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"The Committee will come to order. Thank you. Congressman Spensor, will you give us an overview of the committee's objective."

"Thank you Chairman Cronkite. Todays meeting of the House Committee on Inspirational Mammals (HCIM) will focus, as we have many times in the past, on muses."

edit Sometimes Muses smell bad, most the time, they don't

Testimony to the committee from Walter J. Lipinskiish, a well-known wall-street investor, who used his muse to amass a fortune in everybody elses's pension funds. Mr. Lipinskiish:

"Muses smell funny. At least, mine do. Might be a side effect of having kidnapped them from their rightful keepers and locked them in a small metal cage for the past three months as part of a creepy but diabolical scheme to hoard all the creativity of the world for myself. Somehow I doubt it though. I mean, they're muses, not livestock. Gods and whatnot; they don't even eat or drink or poop or anything, don't need to. Don't clean themselves, either, but again, they're gods... shouldn't have to. Should they?

"But these days they hardly even move anymore. It's like being caged has gotten to them, stolen their inspiration and their hope and now they just sit there. And stink."

"Does anyone have any questions for Mr. Lipinskiish? Alright, Rep. Cornpone K. Kissington." "Mr. Chairman, honored committee, valued witnesses. Mr. Lipinskiish, we know you don't have all the muses in the world, you have about ten. Do you know how many muses are walking around just ready to muse? About a billion. There's a muse for every seven people on earth. You've captured a cluster, and from the looks of it not a very smart cluster either. My question is: Why do you think they don't clean themselves? They stink because they need to wash. What's wrong with you? Why don't you just give them a bath, or access to s sink?

edit I'll field this one, Mr Lipinskiish

The committee recognises Blake Flamingson:

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Now, I have absolutely nothing to say on the subject, however, I have my muse with me - say hello, Fruitcake - and am therefore magically bound to come up with something inspired nevertheless. I'll give it a go.

(the witness rambles on museless for three minutes, until...)

" to slice a long story in twain, muses don't wash because they're artists and artists are all idle pigs."

"Would you say that was a true statement, Mr. Lipinskiish? What are your opinions on Mr. Flamingson's assertion that the refusal to wash is inherently linked with the creation of art?"

"I wouldn't know. My muse died in a rubbish bin years ago. It's not that I tried to get rid of it or anything. That's just where it lived. And then where it died."

"Mr. Lipinskiish, everybody."

"What's the deal with eggs, hey? Why are they so elliptical?"

"...Obviously it does not always work, as Mr. Lipinskiish so aptly demonstrated."

edit Can muses be bought and sold like cattle?

Rep. Sayers from Louisiana has a question for our legal counsel, Mr. Satchimando. Can muses be bought and sold like cattle?

"It is the adminisrations position that yes, they can. You see, muses, like any other mammal, aren't human, and if we gave them rights - any rights at all - we'd have to give it to the other mammals. And there's a whole kettle of fish waiting their turn too. Is anyone here in this chamber today who can say they want to give mammals rights?"

Dennis Kucinich (heard faintly yelling from the back of the chamber) "I do!"

Speaker of the House: "Duly noted, Mr. Kucinich."

The house then met in private rooms and hallways and kicked each other a little over what to do next, giving the guys from the top what they wanted, grabbing some for themselves, and making sure the parties and the girls kept coming. Muses were the least of their worries. So they decided to play it by ear.

"The committee has reconviened. Dorothy Lawrence from the great pretend stste of the District of Columbia, wishes to ask a question of Miss Tinkerbell, the muse owned by Mr. Disney."

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