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By: Chris Summers

The following review was compiled from the notes of Mr. Summers post-mortem by a team of experienced reviewers at Uncyclopedia's UnReviews. This review is dedicated in his memory.

As you all know, I love food, almost as much as I love reviewing food in restaurants for Uncyclopedia. Talk about a dream job! As you all know, I tend to review the classier establishments of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, but this week I intend to do something a little unique and outside the lines. I'm going to venture down to the level of the common man and review a restaurant that he may be more accustomed to. A restaurant like say, the McCourt and 7th Avenue Chili's in Detroit South-West. I will keep a minute by minute journal of my experience, which hopefully will help convey to you my overall experience.

edit 17:43 Hours, 28 November 2009: Pre-departure

I told the staff at the Chili's over the phone that Chris Summers needed a table reserved for 7:30 in the evening. I assume that they know I intend to critique their restaurant, so hopefully they are preparing to receive me. To be honest though, I didn't really understand the person on the other end of the phone. I thought I heard laughter, but I guess that was just background noise from all of the business that they have tonight. Hopefully a packed house doesn't mean a lapse in food quality! I wonder when the limo they must have sent to pick me up will be here? Should be just another ten minutes or so, the restaurant is at least an hour away...

edit 18:56 Hours, 28 November 2009: Still Pre-departure...

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