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“We've figured out how to travel through time at the speed of regular time with plastic bags.”
~ Nathan Explosion on inventing time travel

Skinfan13/Nathan Explosion

45th Governor of Florida

In Office

12 March, 2008-15 June, 2008

Lieutenant: Toki Wartooth

Preceded By: Charlie Crist

Succeeded By: none

Political Party: The Party

Personal Info

Born: 18 January, 1979

Hometown: New Port Richey, Florida

Occupation: Vocalist for the band Dethklok

Duration: 1992-Present

Nathan Explosion is the current vocalist and founder of the Death Metal band, Dethklok. He also served as the last governor of the state of Florida. His popularity is immense both in the United States and abroad for his fronting of Dethklok. He is also equally popular with his former constituents in what used to be Florida, despite the fact that he was not only the worst governor in Floridian history, but arguably the worst in the history of the nation.

edit Early Life

Nathan was born and raised in New Port Richey, Florida, the sole child of Oscar and Rose Explosion. His parents were often cruel, brutish, and generally abusive. It was during his adolescent years that Nathan developed his hatred for all things good and fluffy. After being elected class president in the 2nd grade, Nathan witnessed a drunk driving accident inside his classroom. Nathan stoically watched his classmates and teacher die horrible, bloody, and violent deaths as the car that had just crashed through the wall burst into flames, consuming everyone in the classroom besides him. This incident further led to his development as a bitter, angry, and very talented individual. Nathan eventually ran away from home in order to begin life anew elsewhere.

edit Rise of Musical Career

Nathan began to sing in a church choir in Fairbanks, Georgia around the age of 13 after he had run away from home. Here Nathan developed a rather beautiful singing voice that was said to be able to bring even the angels to tears. Nathan became resentful of his congregation after his pastor discovered him drinking Jack Daniel's behind the church. After Nathan realized that Christians didn't like alcohol, he decided to move on. After picking up smoking and drinking heavily for a few years while hitting the Karaoke circuit, Nathan began performing with many early heavy metal acts, such as "Kill the Midget," "Beat the Dwarf," "Noxious Body Gas," and the now infamous "Austrian Death Machine." The combination of noxious fumes from countless cigarettes combined with his insatiable appetite for booze led to the gravely and deep nature of his voice, which allowed him to succeed greatly in his metallic adventures. However, Nathan would not reach financial success until the formation of Dethklok in 1999.

edit Dethklok Years

Main article: Dethklok

Dethklok went on to become the greatest musical and commercial act in human history. Nathan became the most recognizable member of the band as a result of being the singer/spokesman. Nathan's drunken oratory as official band spokesman only increased Dethklok's (and his own) popularity even more. Nathan's unique singing (grunting) style for the band has earned him quite a reputation in the metal circles. Nathan during this time developed an even deeper bout of alcoholism and as a result now needs regular transplants of his major organs, mostly his liver about every three months.

edit Governorship

In 2008, after several years of financial and critical success,

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