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In 1938 German scientists and evil masterminds decided it was time to create a cyborg tyrannical monster. Little did they know how successful they would be.

edit The Beginning

Using technology recovered from downed alien crafts and stolen documents from Soviet Russia, they began crafting his neural network. Including everything from poison arrow dart frogs to jazz music, they filled his operating system with everything evil they could get their Nazi hands on.

They then constructed his body. Twelve feet tall, titanium-iridium shielding,and hand crafted goat leather(for that realistic skin feel)made him the biggest bad-ass cyborg ever. With sixty-four articulation points, Cyborg Hitler could beat GI Joe in any hand to hand combat situation. Originally his blueprints included laser eyes, flaming claws, and a forty-two inch rotating proboscis in his nether regions. These were all axed when one of the developers exclaimed "Zeez zings make him zook totally gay."

Cyborg Hitler's power supply was taken from one of the downed alien crafts that UFO nuts persist in believing Germany had, they really didn't understand how it worked and no one else does either. Speculation is that it somehow utilized crystallized sweat from baby Jesus for energy conversion. How baby Jesus sweat does this, or even how baby Jesus sweat is obtained is never explained properly.

edit Cyborg Hitler's rise to power

Shortly after his creation, Cyborg Hitler was let off his leash and allowed to do what he was created for: eat spinach and rule Germany. Unfortunately he did his job too well and soon his evilmatrix decided it was time to get back at the one person he hated more than anything else in this world, Cyborg Rabbi.

Back at the Cyborg Hitler development lab, Cyborg Hitler and Cyborg Rabbi were best friends. That is until Cyborg Rabbi stole Cyborg Hitlers' Cyborg girlfriend and destroyed Cyborg Hitler's only chance at ever getting cybersex. This of course destroyed Cyborg Hitler's heart chip. Vowing vengeance, Cyborg Hitler set out on his journey to conquer the world.

edit Cyborg Hitler and Super Combat Action Jesus

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