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The Irish war of 2156
Irish army
Hitler inspecting the Irish roops
Conflict: Irish conquest
Date: 2156
Place: Europe (everywhere)
Outcome: A new glorious Irish Empire (until they all got drunk and forgot what they were doing)
Ireland Everyone else
Lucky Robot Nixon Hitler George Washington Osama bin Laden Stalin
11,000 and a Leprechaun 6.2 bil
3 (from liver failure) and a sheep 2.3 bil 1.6 POW/MIA

edit The Irish war of 2156

Irish airforce

The Irish Airforce.

A long time ago, yet somehow in the future the united kingdom banned the sale manufacture and possession of whiskey.The Irish, now having absolutely nothing to do, or drink, decided to test out their ancestral aggression and go to war. After making great advances over Scotland, northern England, and Iceland they decided to just keep going at it until they either got tired or got some whiskey. the British took this very personally because they thought they had northern Ireland in control and so launched a major attack on Scottish Ireland. after being shot with haggis leprechauns and pots of gold the British surrendered and soon the Irish were marching there way into France. before attempting to surrender France offered them some wine but the Irish politely declined and went ahead pillaging and burning France before going on to invade Spain ,north Africa, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Canada.

edit Germany joins

Irish invasion

The Irish empire united with Germany pressing against the soviets.

now the Irish have made it to Germany and were offered beer from the locals. satisfied for a while they signed a peace treaty with Germany in exchange for several thousand HK416s and, along with the Germans now continued their conquest of Europe. unbeknown to them Russia had long anticipated they might come for their vodka and had been busy setting up a perfectly straight barricade in eastern Europe. Unfortunately for them the Irish were still drunk from celebrating their new partnership with Germany and there fore would have failed the "walk a straight line" test therefore rendering the blockade useless and, with German weaponry and support were starting to push back the commies and concur Europe.

edit Conquest continues

edit The Russian front

Irish empire

The extend of the great Irish empire before its decline.

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