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DISCLAIMER: this page contains worms code and so does security holes (at the bottom).
Please don't use them.


A beautiful depiction of Moses creating ralph.bastard, circa 0x1

The World's First Uncyclopedia Open Source Worm of Inspiration, Ralph the Bastard, also known as ralph.bastard, is exactly what it says: the world's first uncyclopedia worm, which happens to be open source. Its purpose is simple and ingenious: to inspire vast ammounts of editing and article creation in the confused and amusing world of uncyclopedia. It appears randomly in articles that are destined to be deleted. It knows no color, creed, or more color. It is blind to prejudice, including it's own. Its creator has too much time on his hands. That is why he has taken countless hours to write this worm which will propagate throughout the Uncyclopedia computer system. ralph.bastard was programmed and released May 27, 2005 at 10:01 PM CST. God's speed ralph.bastard, God's speed.

The All-powerful Source

The programming language is jesus++. It was created just for the purpose of writing the world's first unclyclopedia worm.

\\ralph.bastard version 1.0
\\The source code is probably too elaborate for computer novices. 
\\Just study for awhile and it will come to you.
function DoShitAndThenReportBack()
DO {


Did you add to or improve ralph.bastard's source code? Add your name to the contrib list:

  • Moses (original programmer)
  • Abraham (added famous Penis.Cut(); line, which removes articles containing word "penis" <- don't click on link!!! )
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster (Linux build ONLY)
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