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“And just who is this?”
~ Oscar Wilde on SkaPunkMan89
“...When I created this, I was expectin' a nigga, not dis load of crap”
~ Morgan Freeman on SkaPunkMan89

SkaPunkMan89 was a experiment created by the god named Morgan Freeman. SkaPunkMan89 was rumored the first "white" man on earth after a failed experiment of trying to create the "blackest nigga on earth". Morgan Freeman came to the conclusion that no nigga could ever take his glory as the blackest and most god-like being in the universe. SkaPunkMan89 has not been heard or seen from since his birth, but he was rumored to be seen after Hiroshima got bombed and was looking at the debris, but that was from a confused Hiroshima survivor. It was also rumored that SkaPunkMan89 was in the background of a scene in Jersey Shore, "flippin' da bird" at the mysterious creature named Snooki.

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