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Sir Cabhán ap Ailil is a refugee from the great Sundering of the Old World of Darkness who for some strange reason has taken refuge (in cyberspace at least) in Uncyclopedia while he figures out why his cantrips no longer work and why he no longer sees that nightclub bouncer as a big blue troll. Maybe the illicit substances he was on have worn off or perhaps his mental state has registered (finally) somewhere near to 'normal' - who knows, who cares? He's just a little disappointed that he can no longer see big blue trolls or cast those neat little cantrips that make particularly busty maidens fall for his Sidhe beauty.

He also visits certain other web sites for mostly shits and giggles, but to list them here would count as advertising, so he is gonna refrain from doing so. If you really want to know where else in cyberspace he resides you can always send him a private message (assuming that there is a private messaging system).

When he is not lost in his own little fantasy world involving ugly mechanics that swear a lot, he is also stuck in the real world where there still are ugly mechanics that swear a lot, only they work on real functioning objects and not chimerical gegaws.

Sir Cabhán is a writer of crap gothic poetry and half-baked literary erotica, and is currently pestering a literary agent in London, England in order to persuade them to promote his work. Whether or not two kidneys will suffice to raise any bribery funds he may need if they turn around and rubbish his work is still undetermined at this moment in time...

SirCabhán ap Ailil Unseelie Knight, Ordo: Knights of the Silver Dragon & Les Amoureaux 18:08, September 29, 2009 (UTC)






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