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Tom shows Oprah-San the Scientology-approved method for giving birth without sound. Or he's molesting the couch.

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edit Pictures

I have gotten a lot of messages on wikipedia because of the "offensive" pictures here. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME MESSAGES AT WIKIPEDIA OR HERE ABOUT THE PICTURES. The point of Uncyclopedia is to make fun of people. If you are offended do not come here then.


Hillary Clinton the communist


Osama Bin Laden, Kerry's best friend, warmly endorses John Kerry for President


Tom Cruise vs Oprah. Following scientology gives you support freaky powers like what tom cruise has. Take that Oprah


Hitler performing on his famous banjo as part of his election campaign.


Would you like a Sieg Heil with that?


Dr. Phil explaining himself after being caught in bed with Oprah.


Bill O'Reilly denies all allegations of left-leaning bias on Fox News. Here he presents his notorious O'Stalin report.


Monkey Mad

Th 4a305947

Dreaded Storm Troopers, The Teletubbies, hosting a Nazi telethon in 1936.

edit Some Quick Facts

  • Anglo-Catholic christian.
  • Independant who thinks that party politics is wrong.
  • Wikipedian
  • Wikimedian
  • Wikia editor.
  • Wikiquotian(If that is a term)
  • Conservative in some ways
  • Blogger.
  • Uses yahoo for email

edit Uncyclopedia Must Reform

Uncyclopedia as a whole has one of the best ruling systems in all of Wikia. Instead of avoiding the fact that they are a fascist dictatorship, like the way other wikis do, they boost about it with proud smirks on their faces. Most users see this as a form of oppression. Users even go as far as getting themselves banned by defying the visible warnings and rules. More or less, the reform mainly lies with YOU, the user. Let's face the facts. You are not a bureaucrat or a sysop and most likely will never be one. Conformity is your only hope unless you know how to bend the rules, which you will still more than likely be banned for showing your rebellious intent & without reason. Vandalism is not tolerated whatsoever. You will be blocked from a time span ranging from 1 day to ∞ infinity (sometimes a warning though it is rare). The policies at Uncyclopedia are relatively fair. The only problem is that the policies are so brief, unclear, & sometimes does not mention the problem at hand. An expansion to these details is greatly needed for these questionable policies. Your ideas can help give these policies greater details that they happen to lack. With your help, we can get things situated to help prevent unjustly blocks and solve a butt load of problems. Good luck & Welcome to the AMR. Tom mayfair 16:45, 29 December 2006 (EST)

edit Articles I made

  1. Falun Dafa
  2. WikiHow

edit Article I edited

  1. 50 ways to kill teachers
    1. Mormon
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