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I am Sir Starshine

I was born in a small village in a land over the horizon's horizon. I grew up in a orphanage, and at the age of eighteen i joined the Emperor's legion. I patrolled the Imperial City for a year, and at nineteen while asleep in the Imperial City barracks i was bitten by a vampire. After becomming a vampire I kept it secret, still working for the Imperial gaurd, but always requesting the graveyard shift which was no problem for any of the other soliders. It was the least desired shift. The powers of the vampire gave me a very large advantage as a gaurd. I could see very well in the dark night. I was faster, and stronger then the people around me. These abilities helped me advance quickly through the ranks of the gaurd, and at 23 i became one of the captains of the gaurd, and it was my duty to patrol and maintain the waterfront district. One night while on patrol i encountered the Grey Fox, who was meeting with one of his followers. I was able to slay both of them, and was rewarded much gold, and became very famous. I was invited to join the Blades, and start my training at Cloud Ruler Temple. I accepted. I spent seven years as a blade doing various missions for Jaffree, and protecting the Emperor from Red Dawn assasins. My last year as a blade, when i was aged thirty, yet looked like an eighteen year old due to my vampirism, i was sent to Kvatch to deliever a Imperial edict to the Count there. As i was riding up to the city i saw a great Oblivion gate open outside the city, and daedra poured out of it. Me and my companions rode as fast as we could up to it. We fought our way past swarms of disgusting creatures, and entered the gate. Once inside, on the plane of Oblivion, we fought our way up to the tower, to remove the stone from in. In doing so we would close the gate, be sent back to Tamriel, and save the city. We accomplished this mission, but I was the only survivor of eleven blades. After the gate was shut i rushed to the city, and helped the Kvatch gaurd take care of the rest of the monsters that decended out of Oblivion. We were victorious. The city was saved, and I was named "Hero of Kvatch". After that I retired from the blades with high honor, and lived in the Imperial City Eleven Gardens district. One night as i was walking home from the Arena a woman was killed by a dark brotherhood assasin, and i was accused. I was senetnced to life in the Imperial prison. I was able to escape, and have joined with a group of bandits that reside just outside Skingrad. I have trained them with the training of the Blades. Now it is time from my revenge on the Empire.

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