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edit October 25, 2006...7:00 A.M.

A few days ago I lost my wallet. It contained three dollars, a Starbucks card, my V-Card, a few other odds and ends, and tragically, my driver's license. So here I am. Today I'm going to the nearest DMV to get a new license. Unfortunately, the nearest office is 350 miles away, and I have to hitch-hike there, but hopefully I'll still beat the rush. What could possibly go wrong...right?

edit 10:45 A.M.

Still trying to hitch a ride. Apparently nobody wants to pick up a good, God-fearing man these days, the bastards will only pick up some young girl in a tank top. One car stopped, but they just threw eggs at me and drove off. I think I'm gonna call a taxi. Shit, I probably won't even get there until frickin rush hour now. I hate people.

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