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edit Common Identities Assumed By His Majesty

His Majesty has many facets of his personality, and even more purposes to fulfil. For these, he uses a combination of aliases, pseudonymns, and sockpuppets alteregos to take places in each niché of His Majesty's empire. Below are those that you'll commonly confront.

edit Confirmed Aliases

CrownHis Royal Majesty, Simulacrum Caputosis the GreatCrown His Royal Majesty as he presents himself for formal occaisions, public addresses, dinner parties, treaty signings, autograph signings, random tomfoolery, and occaisions when he feels like it.

CrownSimulacrumCaputosisTheGreat*moan* F@H MUN CM NS  A similar appearance, though designed to bring more clout with flashy badges and awards.

PiratehattieCap'n SimzorzAr, Matey! The foulest pirate of Uncyclopedia Seas, this ol' sea captain has a lust for glory and a taste for blood. Beware, should you see him!

Captain Caputosis····Communicatorbadgehail In times when all Earthly resorts have been exhausted, this alterego appears from the sky in a flashy starship, pulling rank and technology advantages to end whatever conflict he had been called forth to resolve.

ŞÇ A minimalist and trendy artist, this identity is fairly playful and free-spirited. Thus, his alteregos hate him deeply.

AxeiconCaputosistheHorribleAxeicon Notorious as the "Scourge of Wikia," this pillaging rogue hath plundered more than his share of pages. He is easily identified by his bloodthirsty personality and a slight slouch characteristic of such fiends as himself.

One"To"Three The most flexible and adaptive of all the Caputosises, he is never even known by the same name twice. Thus, his true identity is obscurred behind years of nimble name-changing and general Tom-foolery.

Marijuana-leafSt0ñƏ®  Hipp!Ə-t0§i§Test-pipe He spaced so much on his interview that the author couldn't make enough sense of his random ramblings to put together any kind of biography, not even one long enough for this sad collection. Perhaps he was born son to the slacker gods, but until he sobers up enough to give a strait answer to a single question, we may never know exactly what his origins are.

edit Accusations and Rubbish

rumors that His Majesty sometimes appears on IRC under other names will neither be confirmed nor denied here. His Majesty has determined that though it is in the best interest of the estate to fully release all classified documentation on his alleged alteregos, it would also be unwise to directly admit (were it the case, though in no way is this intended to imply that it either is or isn't) to sockpuppetry, even if only on IRC. However, by this point it should already be clear that Captain Zombiebaron and Simulacrum Caputosis the Great are, in fact, completely seperate individuals. Furthermore, here's a short listing of His Majesty's alleged sockpuppets both on IRC and elsewhere:

  • SimCaputosis - supposedly frequents IRC
  • SimWorkutosis - an office worker with nothing better to do than pose as His Majesty
  • CaputosisAway - rumored to be seen on the list of users on IRC
  • CheerBear - alleged bipolar sockpuppet on IRC
  • Zombiebaron - accused for non-vandalism type work on Wikipedia
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