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edit Most Glorious Provinces of His Royal Majesty

edit His Majesty's Honorable Annexations

  • That Girl-Salvation from NRV granted by His Majesty
  • Bong-Salvation from stub-hood granted by His Majesty
  • Guillotine-Salvation from NRV granted by His Majesty

edit Associated Territories

edit Articles under the Influence

  • Tampon-as part of a group effort to expand an otherwise weak entry
  • Disambiguation-augmentation, Austria, arseholes...
  • American-English_Dictionary-for, ironically enough, mutillation of English
  • Poland-for crimes against English and neglect of history
  • Stargategate-for most grievous sins against the English language
  • RuneScape-for grievous sins against standard English spellings
  • Emo Suicide-for added public mockery of poorly-written poetry

edit His Majesty's Templates

edit His Majesty's News

edit Awards of His Majesty

Occaisionally, His Majesty sees a user or article that superceeds some standard of either excellence or horror. Royal duty compells His Majesty not to ignore such possitive and negative deviants, thus he creats awards for them.

edit Props

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