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All too often, history and basic English grammer are ignored by foolish Uncyclopedians who think they can write whatever random rubbish they please. These buffoons detract from the grand demeanor of the Empire, and thus must be dealt with. His Majesty is not narrow-minded when it comes to confronting such things, and uses many cunning tactics from a wide arsenal of wartime strategies to punish the ignorant.

edit The Museum of Vote For Deletion Weaponry

In the collaberative effort of the Empire to cut through the wild weeds which seed so quickly, many have developed calls and signals, even weaponry to orchestrate collective attacks of banishing force. His Majesty has developed an array of weapons vital in the crushing of rebellious rubbish.

  • The GuillotineiconGuillotine is His Majesty's recommendation as to the appropriate sentencing for this defilement.
  • Guillotineicon"to the Guillotine!" shouts His Royal Majesty, "for the crime to be mentioned at execution"
  • Either GuillotineiconGuillotine this abominaton, or else QVFD it at once!
  • "To the GuillotineiconGuillotine should the lot of them be marched."
  • Fire Photons Torpedos at this intergalactic threat!

edit Flame Wars in the Name of His Majesty and His State

In the cases of greatest offense against His Majesty, full-out wars are declared. It is in the mobilization of massive armies of creativity and misleading propaganda that make these great conflicts between opposing pages and His Majesty's Doctrine such spleandors.

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