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Spoiler warning: Plot spoilers, such as the fact that Harry is actually Ron, Hagrid is actually capable of speaking clearly, and the Deathly Hallows are what happens to your brain on drugs may follow. Read on at your own discretion.

Harry Potter, also known as overrated piece of crap, is a series of seven erotic childeren's fantasy books written by British field lieutenant JK Rowling, primarily about a child named Harry Potter. The books follow his life from his early years of frequent child abuse to his teenage and young adult years, in which many, many of his friends are killed brutally by the great pantomine villain Lord Voldemort. The Daily Mail called the books "a wonderful childeren's series". Harry Potter also happens to have a spirit named "Deus Ex Machina" trapped inside him, which conveniently gives him near-unlimited power whenever he is in trouble and lets him embark on many cocaine-fuelled adventures.

Harry Potter

The British cover of the first Harry Potter Book.

Kingdom Hogwarts
Phylum Wizard
Class Juvinous
Order of the Phoenix
Family Lindsay Lohan, None
Genus Harrius
Species Potterus
Power Plant Hollywood
HP: 1/2
Mana Points: 82
Strength: 16
Intelligence: Wizard - Level 8 (and a half)
Luck 307
Weight 7 kilos
Main Goal To suffer
Special Attack Gay Fuel Spell

edit Characters

Harry Potter is the protagonist, and the son of two German rice huskers named Morecambe and Wise as well as the youngest of the three brothers, Tom and Dick Potter. However Tom Potter turned to the dark side, and became Lord Voldemort, where he murdered his parents and Dick, and has gone after to kill Harry Potter. He is known for his nerdy glasses, massive character shield, and the peeled AC DC tattoo on his forehead. He enrolls in the Hogwarts School of Craftsmanship and Pottery to become a potter, only to end up transferred to their wizardry branch when all of his pitchers come out pouring up. , James Potter: Harry Potter's mother's husband's son's father's cousins daughter twice removed. A popular playboy and mobster (therefore jerk), he is believed to have been killed along with Harry's mother, but actually left the story for a totally different story about surgeons during the Korean War.

Sir Ronald of Weasley is Harry's friend, best known by his peers as living proof that God doesn't exist. Beginning in book two, people call him Harry's lackey and it turns out that almost everybody thinks that is his actual name (Harry only calls him "you"). His family forgets his real name in book four. Ronald starts his quest to tell his name to someone else, but every time he tries to say his name, something generally absurd happens and cuts the event short. People may call him 'king', but most people believe he was born in a bin.

Hermione Granger is Harry's super-hot friend. She possesses the "plot device", a mystical artifact famed for its ability to counter the feared Wryter's Blok. As well as being the plot device, she is also a mudblood. Usually, mudbloods are shot on sight in the wizarding world but Dumbledore (see below) made an exception, as Hermione would ultimately act as a human shield for Harry in the second-to-last book.

Professor Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts who came out as gay. He took the position after retiring from his previous position, guide of a hobbit guerrilla army obsessed with finger jewelry. Snape kills him in book six, but who doesn't know that by now? Yeesh.

Fawkes is Professor Dumbledore's phoenix. He is put to sleep by animal control after an outbreak of swine flu.

Severus Snape is Harry's mortal enemy #3 out of 10000 (Harry Potter Villain Union local 12). He is a good character deserving of your pity, unless you've read through book six, in which case he's evil. Second cousin of Miss Hardbroom from the Worst Witch novels, he kills Dumbledore in book six, but unless you've lived under a rock, you should know this several times over by now.

He Who Must Not Be Named is Harry's mortal enemy #131 (Harry Potter Villain Union local 28). We must not name him under any circumstances. Otherwise known as 'you know who' or 'that bald git with no nose' or 'Voldemort'- Damn it! Lord Voldy Woldy Mouldy Voldemort wants to kill everyone and has at least 7 pieces of his heart scattered across the globe. Rumour has it one piece was found in the Vatican in Pope Benedict's chamber pot.

Cedric Diggory ("Cedric the Entertainer") is Harry's mortal enemy #963 (Harry Potter Villain Union local 16). A prominent member of House Fluffywifflepants, his death at the hands of Wormtail is ultimately blamed on FWI (Flying While In-a-silly-named-house), something that Harry considers to be a grave miscarriage of justice. He dies and is transformed into Edward Cullen.

Draco Malfoy is Harry's mortal enemy #1822 (Harry Potter Villain Union local 22). He doesn't kill Dumbledore, but Snape does. Jeez.

Neville Longbottom is an unremarkable student that nobody likes or cares about. In reality, he had a 50-50 chance of being the main character, but unfortunately Voldemort He Who Must Not Be Named, using the questionable means of Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, decided Harry would give the series better readings, and chose him instead. Although throughout the majority of the books, Neville has no skills whatsoever and is called a noob by most of the other characters, in the seventh book Neville manages to summon a sword from a shabby old hat to strangle a snake.

Luna Lovegood is Harry's snorkack-obsessed friend who is cooler than he will ever be!

Bellatrix Lestrange is Harry's mortal enemy #3228 (Harry Potter Villain Union local 27) whose hobbies include hating mudbloods, torturing mudbloods, killing mudbloods, disemboweling Mudbloods, basket weaving, being completely annoying, and ruining everything.

Ginny Weasley is the girl Harry loves and marries (and hopefully divorces), as opposed to the more obvious guess of Hermione.

Dobby, the son of Sméagol and Jar-Jar Binks, is Harry's stalker. He works for keebler by baking cookies until constant attacks from the Rice Crispies elves took their toll on him. Wounds up dead by means of an unknown accord; while he was evaporating elsewhere, a magically disfunction imbedded a knife into his heart.

Hagrid is one of Harry's oafish and unethical teachers, whose disability (gigantism) gives him permission to take a seeing-eye dragon into public places. He leaves the series in book six to play for the Chicago Bulls.

Sirius Black is Harry's only parental figure whom became a famous rapper after Bellatrix pushed him into a mysterious curtain that transported him to East L.A.

edit Books

Nervous Witch 20

Even though J.K. Rowling stated she was only going to write 7 books, she cleverly never mentioned that she need to have additional books as fillers. After the end of the series, J.K. Rowling released many bonus books and a compilation book on the main series after realising that she was hopeless at writing anything else and that she was running out of money.

J.K. Rowling has also written two other supporting books under the Pen name of J.R.R Tolkien:

  • Fantastic Books and How to Burn Them - Thought to be written after the author's loathing of other and far better written book's than hers.
  • Windex Through the Ages - A timeline of how Harry Potter's owl Hedwig has used Windex in the past.

edit The Last Book


In the last book, a short epilogue presents this portrait of Harry in his Golden Years.

  • Dobby dies
  • Hedwig dies
  • Mad-Eye Moody dies
  • Fred Weasley dies
  • Wormtail dies
  • Ted Tonks, father of Nymphadora (aka Tonks) dies
  • Remus Lupin dies
  • Tonks, having given birth to a boy a few months earlier (she married Lupin), dies
  • Colin Creevey dies
  • Bellatrix Lestrange dies
  • Crabbe (one of Draco’s sidekicks) dies
  • Snape dies
  • Harry briefly dies
  • Voldemort dies
  • George Weasley loses an ear
  • Ron and Hermione marry and Hermione gets gingervitis from Ron. They have two kids.
  • Harry and Ginny marry and Harry gets gingervitis from Ginny. They have three kids.
  • Draco Malfoy marries and has a son.
  • Bill and Fleur have a daughter.
  • Remus and Tonks’ son has grown up and loves Fleur’s daughter.
  • Happy ever after.

edit Criticism, Praise and Controversy

~ Harry Potter on Harry Potter series

The series was attacked by religious groups, not because they disagreed with the mention of magic, but because the books were published with a fine leather binding with gold trim in a manner similar to the Bible, which made them feel insecure. In addition, many liberals were offended by Harry's defeat of Hilary Clinton and his endorsement of private school vouchers for Hogwarts.It is also believed that the writer of this book meant it to be suicide note due to her useless life.

edit Interpreting Harry Potter

edit Marxist interpretation


Accio means of production!

Much discussion has exposed JK Rowling as an obvious Marxist, attempting to pollute the minds of our youth with Communist propaganda. The "pure-blood" Slytherins represent the aristocracy, who believe that "magic" (i.e. capital) should be in the hands of a privileged elite. The "clever" Ravenclaws represent the bourgeoisie, who collude with the aristocracy in the suppression of the petty-bourgeois Hufflepuffs and the proletarian house-elves. The brave Gryffindors (who wear red Quidditch robes) and Dumbledore's Army represent the Red Army, the true army of the proletariat.

Dumbledore, with his voluminous white beard, obviously stands for Karl Marx, while Harry Potter's glasses and untidy black hair make him identical to Leon Trotsky. Harry's lightning-bolt scar is in reference to the fatal head wound inflicted on Trotsky by Ramón Mercader with an ice pick. Harry survives this attack, just as the Totskyist ideal has survived in Rowling's twisted Commie mind.

The above is all true.

Note the Gryffindor house song:

Sung to "The Internationale" Theme

Arise purveyors of the broomsticks,

Arise ye caster of the spells,

For Gryffindor revolt now thunders,

And at last ends Slytherin!

So bring forth a Quiddich battle,

Servile potions arise arise,

We’ll change forth with the old conditions,

And wizarding gains the prize,


So wandsmen come now rally,

And the next fight let us face,


The House of Gryffindor unites the wizard race.

So wandsmen come rally,

And the next fight let us face,

The House of Gryffindor unites the wizard race!

edit Star Wars interpretation

  • Harry = Luke Skywalker
  • Ron & Hermineoieoe = Han & Leia
  • Serius = Obiwan
  • Dumbledore = Yoda. Well, a GAY Yoda.
  • Lord Voldemort = Darth Vader
  • Rubeus Hagrid = Chewabacca
  • Snape = Lando

Yes kids, it really is that simple.

edit The true

Starwars potter

"The originality of Harry Potter made clear."

Ah, you don't believe! check out the dates of publication dumbass

edit See also

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