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Some flavors, oddly, seem to consistently and constantly miss the top 100 flavors offered in any ice cream parlor. Perhaps they would gain popularity if free samples of these delicious organic ice creams were offered.

edit Vegetable flavors

edit Fungi flavors

  • Mossnificent
  • Lichen
  • Toad-drool

edit Mineral flavors

edit Other flavors

  • Fresh mowed dandelion with grass clippings
  • Vomit Vavoom
  • Light Beer
  • Earwax Appeal
  • Liver and Onions special
  • Spamtastic
  • Exciting Excrement
  • Kitty Litter crunch
  • Pee Nut Butter
  • Infidel Fried Chicken
  • Escargot Ecstacy
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