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A Big bang bomb is an explosive device that does not explosive as such as more kind of resets everything. The universe a is known completely starts a new, not repeating the previous universe but a new one entirely. The big bang bomb was created to bring about equality, to absolutely irradiate inequality within dance, performance, choreography, society and between smokers and nonsmokers (after the 2013 great smokers war).

Equally was deemed impossible by the laws(19AD), and the great theorist anonymous created the theory for a big bang bomb to create true absolution equality by destroying everything, even nothing and then therefore recreating everything.

It was not until the early 1990's that the great theorist Boy George on a LSD high discovered that infact on a metaphorical level the big bang bomb already existed in certain forms. The existence of the big bang bomb also known as “oops up inside your head” theory states that because everything exists within your own mind it is only to have the big bang bomb happen inside your own mind for the big bang bomb. What shapes these big bang bomb was not clear from the theory until scientists in Antarctica discovered that party poppers caused on mass the big bang bomb effect, on new years eve 1999.

Although Big bang bombs are often seen in the form of party poppers they can in fact take many forms.

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