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edit BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is party of theiving assholes who ruled India from 1997 to 2003. The parties motto is "Burn thy Muslim Neighbour". This was decided by a voice vote to supercede the earlier motto of "Bury thy head in the sand".

edit Roots

The BJP was formed when one guy (Shyama Pissed Off Mukerji) said, "Hey, how come India doesn't have it's own KKK?" and wrote a book on it. A bunch of Hindu supremacists then used it as their guiding philosophy and founded a political potty called BJP. In the process they got confused as hell about the economy and advertised themselves as Right-wing Gandhians, and prided themselves as the liberators of Gandhi's soul.

edit Political Ideology

The BJP says that it strives to provide clean administration to India. It uses the state of Gujarat as its showcase state where the chief minster Narendra Modi has cleaned the society of all Muslims and sold their kidneys to kick-start the state's economy. However the party has a strained relationship its mother organisation, the RSS due to the BJP's failure to deport all muslims to Pakistan and then explode a nuclear device over it. However it addressed the RSS's concerns by providing all prominent members with Petrol-Pump allotments

edit Media management

The BJP is considered to be the most media-savvy of all Indian political parties, having invented the art of "speaking in tongues". This allows it to simultaneousy support three or more sides to an argument that can only have two sides to it. The BJP has frequently scored a stunning victories in political deftness by opposing EVERY SINGLE POLICY of the current government which it itself started when in power.

edit Prominent Leaders

A-tall Be Here Watch-Pie He is the tallest leader of the party; or rather would have were it not for his bete-noir, Lol Kissing Ed Bunny; or his weak knees that gave way a year into his prime-ministership; or both. Watch-Pie is a bachelor, something that has taken a toll on his hands over the years following the death of Ed Bunny's wife.

Lol Kissing Ed Bunny He is the other big leader of the party and has had a strained relationship with Watch-Pie because of Watch-Pie's unrestrained relationsip with his wife.

Oh My Bare Teeth She is the pet bitch of the party who bites anybody and everybody everybody at the drop of a kamandal, and advertises herself as celebate to hide her illicit relationship with an old dog called Go Bend a Chariot.

Such Mass Barrage is a well known media face of the party, due in part due to the fact that she wears a bindi the size of a cyclotron, and because she has three boobs.

Primordial Handgun He's dead but is mentioned because everyone else alive is just way too damn pathetic, and filthy.

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