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edit Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

The Bharatiya Janata Partay (BJP) is a progressive, modern political party of India comitted to separation of the state from religion, freedom of expression, and scientific temper.They are known for their rib-tickling statements and hence are also fondly called as Bharatiya Jokers Party.

Some of the most ridiculous statement of BJPians

1) The Union government will collapse within the next six months (heard every six months) 2) The Hindu saint did not commit any sexual offense, as telecasted. it was the actress who committed it on him. 3) The sacred cow should be protected and fed till its death ( as long as it is somebody else' pain) 4) 'Guruji, my wife is preganant'. 'This an act of terrorism committed by Pakistan's ISI'.

It is said that all BJPians were born from the butt of Hitler- a hardcore fanatic. Yet, the BJP and Israel's Mossad sleep in the same bed.

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