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These are viscous little things which are soon to descend onto your doorstep.


Asploding head

edit The Seripmav

These are horrible creatures which are better understood when given the name Reverse Vampires. Their main tendency is to hold you sharply by the neck and force blood into in a hideous excretion ritual. This usually has bad consequences such as death, However in extreme cases the subjects head can Asplode under the pressure. In people with low blood pressure however this can be a good thing, as it raises their pressure to the right level.

edit Dietary Habits

Eripmav 1 by miss ribbit32

The Hit film of the same name

Seripmav, or the singular Eripmav, are not to dissimilar in appearance to Vampires, but can be separated from each other as Vampires are nocturnal and Eripmav are daytime dwellers. This is not to different from Morlock and Eloi anti-symbiosis, only real.

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