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en-N This user is a native speaker of English.
enl-G This user does not speak English, but Louder and furthermore believes English, but Louder to be an embarrassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of English, but Louder.
Sunglasses This user's future is so bright they've gotta wear shades.

750px-High voltage warning.svg No user serviceable parts inside.

MontyPythonFootLeftSmall This user is from Camelot,
and eats ham and jam and spamalot!
MO adorabl This user is adorable.

Towel migration This user knows the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Grandpiano This user is a big pianist, and as such believes they are better than all other musicians.
teen This user is a teenager and so hangs around bus stops in large intimidating groups and beats up old ladies for drug money. Probably.
Userbox-single.svg This user is Single but is currently stalking someone.
HitlerJamming This user listens to indie music, therefore they think they're better than you.
Hpsign Sifi90 is an UnTunes contributor. Hearing protection should always be worn within fifty yards of them.
Official This user is official. They get all their user boxes from here.

My name is S**** ***** and I am not a n00b.

edit Occupation as "gnomad."

I am one of those guys who clicks 'random page' and scours the place for missing periods. I have saved many an article from that mysterious blue template. Aah! My advice to anyone? Don't trust anybody that isn't logged in. (Also, Frenchmen.)

These are the pages that I gave a good going-over with my internet toothbrush.

For more information, see the contributions page.

I tried to write an article once, and I don't know how to delete it. Ok, maybe I am a n00b.

edit Things that piss me off when people do them on Uncyclopedia.

  • Double linking. Feels like dying. Oh, look at that, I just double-linked.
  • Use "it's" when they should use "its". IT'S "ITS", MOTHERFUCKER!!!
  • Also applies to "your" and "you're". SURE, IT'S REALLY HARD.
  • Act like rambling idiots.

Alright, now go somewhere else, you user-stalker!

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