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Gustave Courbet can't believe how small your jolly roger is. For God's sake man, put it away and do some editing!

These are pages that <insert name here> absolutely must create when he stops compulsively masturbating and decides to engage his brain.

But seriously, if anyone wants to inform me of the current existence of any of the following articles, wants to collab, or wants to pick one to do themselves, be my guest (just write a note next to it). I think movements are probably easier to satirise than specific artists generally (in terms of padding out the article anyway).

Also I'll include a link to the Art Portal for good measure.

Rabbi Techno has also linked me to the Important List of Templates and Links you can use in the creation of said pages.

It's possible that all this could go under one big article The History of Art, but otherwise under the following heading (chronologically):

edit Early(ish) Art

edit European Art (Renaissance-Modernism)


For every day that passes without an edit made to any of these pages, Judith will behead another uncyclopedian in his sleep (or Caravaggio will sodomise you, whichever you prefer)

edit World Art

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