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800px-Flag of the Philippines svg This user is a Filipino. Don't look him in the eye and avoid any sudden movements - or else he'll bite you in the ass like a rabid dog.
This user is a drill sergeant and just loves to turn n00bs into real men!

“She's manlier than the Bee Gees!!!”
~ Show-Ender on Julia Fordham

“Oh, you're from t-THE?!?!? th-THE!!??!! THE ARRRRRRRRRNEYOW?!”
~ Show-Ender on Ateneans

“Oh noes!! I got GWATSED!!”
~ Show-Ender on his inability to pronounce GOATSE correctly

edit Why is All the Rum Gone?? Why Are All My Ideas Gone?

The Show-Ender's inability to write a composition, let alone an essay is his greatest weakness. Hence he has not created a single article in Uncyclopedia. Evar. He can only mould shit, but can never make his own. Ain't that right, Gilgal1?

Oh noes!! Did I just sputter that horsefuckery?

edit Your Show Has Just Ended

Now go away! And take your kitten with you before I huff the fuck out of it!

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