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edit Shin Bak-Singh

Shin Bak-Singh was an eastern trader who lived during the late first century BC. He is believed to be one of the first music snobs in history along with Corsican merchant Ignace Cléviere.


Shin Bak-Singh

According to an ancient scroll written by a nameless scribe who traveled the Silk Road with Cléviere, Bak-Singh met the two near the Persian border. As they rested under a group of shade trees, Bak-Singh and Cléviere shared their disdain for the trite and contrived musical acts they had encountered on their journeys. They swore to remain in contact and share any discoveries of obscure and tasteful musical performers if indeed any were to be found. The following winter, Bak-Singh, Cléviere and the scribe were murdered by a group of nomadic bandits, possibly as they were reconvening to continue their music snobbery discussions.

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