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Socialist People's Union of Wikipedia
Great People's Wikipedian WikiCommunist Union that have articles edited Everyday and absolutely hates Monarchy
Wikipedian Socialist Republic
Imperial-wikipedia2 WikiSU
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: The free Socialist Republic that anyone could edit
Anthem: The March of the Wikipedians
Wikipedia is in black.
Capital Wikimedia City
Largest city New Wikimedia City
Official language(s) Wikiese, English, French, and Russian
Government Communism, Socialism, and Federalism
Chairman Jimbo Wales, Larry Sanger
National Hero(es) Stalin, Karl Marx, Lenin, and all other people that are communist because they worship those guys
Established 2011 May 4
Currency Hammer-and-sickles
Religion None, because Communism is anti-religous
Area More than 1000 kilometers because they have control of a massive piece of the world

The Union of Wikipedian Socialist Republics was a communist state formed in Wikipedia, shortly after Emperor Jimbo I and Chancellor Larry Sanger found out that monarchy was too bad for Wikipedia as more Wikipedians were banned because they hated monarchy and articles were unsourced because slave editors didn't have much knowledge and liked to imagine. So in 2011 May 4, Jimbo announced that Wikipedia had turned into a communist nation wiki, and everything has changed. Every article was improved every single day and admins were allowed control of articles. However they were also kicked in the ass because the People's Republic of China and other communist nations disagreed with the new policies. Anyway badass WikiCommunism was spread into the internet and the Un-Wiki war raged even more fiercer than it previously did.

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