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Uncyclo-Wikipedian Japanese War
Japanese troops at the Battle of Odawara in 2008.
War began: 2007 June 6
War finished: Ongoing
Place: Japan
Result: Current status:
Impacts of War: Japan in civil war, internet stations destroyed, N00bs banned in Southern Japan
Fighting parties of War
Uncyclopedian coalition: Wikipedian coalition:

Uncyclo-Wikipedian Japan refers to Japan's status during the Uncyclo-Wikipedian conflict and civil war in Japan started in 2007 between Nationalist Wikipedians and the Imperial Parliament of Japan. The war ended in 2009 April 30 with Nationalist victory (Wikipedians took control of Suruga, South Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu regions)but restarted on April 5 2011 after the parliament accidentally sent troops to Uncyclopedia while they were actually trying to supply Wikipedia. The conflict is continuing today and Uncyclopedians were helping the parliament to destroy regain lost lands using shit bombs and ninjas as well as the Uncyclopedian divisions of the Japanese Army.

edit First Japanese Un-Wiki War


Domo-kun armies participated on the side of the Parliament of Japan.

edit 2007

June 6:Japanese Wikipedians at Kagoshima terrorized the city and later took control of it, starting a rebellion for Nationalist government. They later gather up nudes, Wikipedians from other countries, soldiers of the Japanese Army and terrorists, forming the Nationalist Japanese Army.

June 9:Battle of Kagoshima Perfecture. Wikipedians took control of Kagoshima Perfecture (that is, area around the city)and proclaimed the TaiwanFlag Nationalist Federation of Japan TaiwanFlag.

June 23:After days of fighting Wikipedians take control of other areas like Ryuku Islands and Osumi Prefecture.

July 6:4-month Battle of Kyushu begans. Wikipedians began full attack on this island and terrorized many cities.

September 18:Wikipedians seized a port on the coast of Shikoku Island. On Kyushu Japanese Uncyclopedians and Imperial Army troops are pwned with a loss of 300 people.

edit 2008

January 5:Battle of Kyushu ends, Nationalists start attacking Shikoku.

Febuary 6:The Battle of the Chosokabe Samurai's Tomb. In an ancient tomb which buries a samurai family, Nationalists kill the guard of the tomb and seize it.

Febuary 20:Parliament troops counterattack and eventually kill 500 Nationalist nudes.

March 6:Nationalists attack northern Shikoku, and eventually destroy several public toilets.

August 6:Shikoku suffered havy damage as Nationalists occupy it. Wikipedians drive their ass Kobaya battleships to attack Mainland Japan.

edit 2009

January 1:Kobayas arrive at Honshu (mainland Japan) but they took a long time to get there because they were pwned by Parliament ships on the way.

April 23:Wikipedian Nationalists occupy southern Honshu, so the Parliament lost Mori Province.

April 30:First conflict finished, Nationalist victory.

edit Second Japanese Un-Wiki War

edit 2011

April 5:Parliament accidentally sent samurai to Uncyclopedia. Wikipedia was angry and declared war on Japan.

April 10:Wikipedia seizes Odawara, Aichi, Echigo and other regions of Honshu. Parliament was frightened because Tokyo was at the front line.

April 18:Uncyclopedia enters the war and immediately retook Odawara, Echigo and Kyoto regions.

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