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Uncyclopedian Communist War
Are the anti-commies really offensive? The answer is NO.

Date 2010 December 3--ongoing
Location Uncyclopedia
Result Current Status:
Communist forces:
Anti-Communist forces:
Premier Jacques
Sockpuppet of an unregistered user
Communist IPs
Minister High Gen. Grue
Premier Tom Mayfair
General Bonner
Shimazu (making propaganda and doing nothing but yelling at UNATO)
Baron President Village Idiot
Trar (retired)
Anti-Communist Shit IPs
about 50000 troops about 60000 troops
63 killed, 4 wounded
1000 killed (500 in the electronical explosion), 300 wounded

The Uncyclopedian UNSOC-UNATO War is an ongoing war in Uncyclopedia, due to clashes between the Uncyclopedian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Uncyclopedian Federal Democratic Republic, creating a cold war between them. You can participate in the war NOW by requesting for joining between the commies and the anti-commies.

edit Battles

edit Electronical Explosion

Villahj Ideeut, leader of Uncyclopedian Federal Democratic Republic, invaded Uncyclopedian Soviet Socialist Republic on December 3, 2010. On the same day, the commies are ready to show the UNATO their most deadly Maoist-Stalinist-Leninist-Marxist weapon. The secret weapon exploded on UNATO 2nd Brigade-Regiment, forming a electronical mushroom cloud that killed 500 anti-commies. 6 were wounded and the rest retreated! Then a war blowed up between the 2 factions (Oh shit), and well, see the next section.

The secret weapon was actually based on the WikiTomic Bomb.

edit Battle of UnHuaihai

The 2 sides clashed in a area called UnHuaihai (Chinese: 伪淮海) and well, fierce crap fighting was assumed for a group of Ninjas who went here to see the showdown. The UNATO 3rd Division had giantic losses as the UNSOC 4th Battalion killed much of those anti-commies using poisonous grenades and virus bombs. Th rest of the division retreated with their commander dead.

Commies win!

edit Naval Battle of Wilde Sea

The 2 factions bumped again into each other at Wilde Sea. The anti-commies under Colonel Sycamore drived their battleships and bombarded the communist ships. Suddenly several naval mines asploded under the democratic ships, but the ships didn't care. After 4 hours of bombardment, the commies retreated with a massive loss of 40 ships.

The communist ships get bombarded. You should be proud for the UNATO Navy.

edit Battle of Democracy

The fortress of Democracy was besieged by 5000 communists. After 500 UNATO troops were killed by Chernobyl fighters, the commies run into the fortress, killing the democrats with AK-47. Atomic bombs exploded and killed 4000 anti-commies. Estonian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian troops were pwned by shit bombs as communist guys underground poped out and killed the mayor, so the commies hold Democracy to this day!

Oh shit, communist troops on tanks killed democratic infantry with POISON CANN0NBALLS!

edit Battle of Communism

After been craped out from Democracy, UNATO troops attacked the city of Communism, just 4 kilometers north of Lenin River. It was like the Battle of Stalingrad, and the UNATO 3rd Brigade-Regiment KO'd the commies with shit. However not far away there was the Grue Army 6th Regiment who pwned those democrats with crap, and well, High Gen. Grue copyed his blackmail on Villahj Ideeut in 2007, putting it in a shitomic bomb, and after the explosion the text "UNSOC and Grue Army will take you down!!! --Lt. High Gen. Grue The Few The Proud, The Marines" appeared on the sky. Of course, the commies won.

edit Bombing of Socialism


OK, after losing several times, the anti-commies on their stealth bombers nuked the city of Socialism with electric bombs, simlar to Pikachu's Ten-Million Volt attack. General Ljlego was having a conference with the other commies, and the conference room was suddenly asploded by volt bombs. Ljlego then ran into the anti-aircraft gun defense area, and the commies took down 56 nuke bombers. But one nuke asploded on the defense area, so Ljlego an d the people hided in underground trenches and caves. But Ljlego had to enter from the toilet, the nearest way. After flushing himself into the underground trenches (Oh shit), Ljlego and the commies shot down 9 bombers with the underground anti-aircraft guns. The anti commies bomb the city to this day. (ended) Premier Jacques Pirat and Premier Tom Mayfair is trying to supply Ljlego's forces, but this is impossible because supplies can not be transported through underground.

edit Socialism Counterattack

Doraemon suddenly appeared, and it seems that he is helping the commies. He blasted the UNATO planes with an electric beam, and then the guys charged out of the underground trenches. Bad thing, Doraemon was zapped by electric nukes and killed. At least the planes are downed, and bayonet sounds can be heard. Finally after half an hour of fighting, the commies completely kicked the ass of the UNATO troopers out of the page.

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