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The Supreme Cabal Regime of the English Wikipedia is a group of ruthless admins who dictate parts of the English Wikipedia by abusing its content. Unlike usual admins who just warn users who do bad stuff, the cabalists execute every single vandalizer and hang their heads in the public. Jimbo Wales is NOT responsible for the regime's ruthless actions because he isn't the leader of the party.

The militarists often drive those piece of craps to kill vandals, which is a unsual thing.

edit Introduction

Hi, guys, and talking about Political parties of Wikipedia, everybody may say things about the Wiki-meta party, the Jimbo party, and the Wikimedian Supervision Council. But according to information by poor people who got attacked by cabalists, a ruthless party based on militarism, fascism cabalism and ruthlessness had dominated parts of the English Wikipedia, calling themselves the Supreme Cabal Regime of the English Wikipedia (SCREW). Members of the league are called rouge admins because they are administrators, mostly. Their abbreviation, SCREW, is pretty funny fearful. They will screw up any vandal's userpage, and then execute ban them. Not kidding.


Other than doing bad things, the cabalists also upload pretty unsourced popular images like this.

Lego Terrorist

Typical Wikipedian Cabalist, I'm not kidding

edit Main goals

  • Destroy every single vandal
  • Be ruthless
  • Abuse Wikipedia's content
  • Spread militarism in Wikipedia Make Wikipedia a chaotic place
  • Be sinister

Those guys are participating in the Uncyclo-Wikipedian War

edit Military intervention in Uncyclo-Wikipedian War

Wikipedia the movie14

SCREW troops marching into the Uncyclopedian gate on September 30, 2001.

The cabalists had joined the Wikipedian Army in the Un-Wiki war, and their first military intervention against us was the Battle of the Main Page and later attacked several posts. Due to Uncyclopedia counterattack in 2003, more than 10000 cabal troops were killed. In December the SCREW army was pulled out of Uncyclopedia and left to guard Wikia.

However in 2006 the SCREW army went in Uncyclopedia again! They attacked our poop bomb factory and killed 50 employees. Soon they were given control of a part of occupied Uncyclopedia. The viceroy of the Wikipedian colony, The Uncyclopedia cabal (Oh shit)was assasinated in 2007 by Oscar Wilde and ninjas, so they went into chaos!

In 2010, SCREW armies suffered a massive loss of 20000 after Wikia was occupied liberated by Uncyclopedia. After they were pulled out on December (again) cabalist intervention only operated in Wikipedia.

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