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Second Sino-Japanese Conflict
Part of World War 2
Date: 1937-1945
Location: Mainland China
Result: Decisive Chinese resistance victory
783px-Japanese Occupation - Map-1-

White is China, pink is Japan, and orange are neutral.

70px Republic of China,
Walmartchinaflag Chinese Communist Republic
TaiwanEmblem Empire of Japan,
JapanChinaFlag Nanking Collaborative Republic,
Salt Lake Flag Menjiang, Manchuko, East Hebei and other sockpuppets
Chiang Kai-shek, Mao Zedong, Lin Bao, Li Zongren Emperor Hirohito, Wang Jingwei, Puyi, Nobuyoshi Muto
Military Strength
About 400000+ troops, 4000 militia or more About 600000+ troops, 5000+ Anti-Kuomintang rebels
Military Casualties
More than 20000 troops and 400 militia killed, several brave people like a n00b kid called Wang Erxiao and many wounded More than 400000 troops and collaboratives killed
Second Sino-Japanese War
Mukden Incident - Northeast Campaign (Battle of Rehe, Battle of Manchuria)- Pacification of Manchuko - Menjiang Campaign -Battle of Pingxingguan - Battle of the Public Shanxi Toilet - Battle of Xuzhou - Tai'erzhuang Incident - Battle of Wuhan - Battle of Wanjialing - Battle of the Great Wall - Bombing of Chonqing - Operation Ichi-Go - Battle of Southeastern China - Invasion of Menjiang and Manchuko - Central-eastern China Campaign - Bombing of Japanese bases in Northern China - Guangxi-Manchuria Campaign

The Second Sino-Japanese War, known in China as the 8-year war or, in humorous style, the Badass Anti-Japanese War that killed So Many People, was a deadly 8-year conflict started by Japan on 1937 by invading Northeast China, killing all the people, and well, the Chinese government tried to counterattack but were pwned by the Japanese at the Incident at Mukden. The war continued with backward attacks and forward retreats, which wasn't really what it SHOULD happen at the time. Many brave Chinese sacrificed themselves, as well as a few Japanese (One was pwned in a public toilet in Shanxi Province), and all happened because of World War II. If Japan didn't make alliance with the Nazi n00bs, the war would NOT happen.

1937: Japan Invades

Emperor Hirohito planned to invade China, which was ALREADY the Japanese people's dream since Oda Nobunaga's time. In 1937, the Japanese, invaded Northeast China from Korea, and renamed it into a independent non-sovereign state called "Manchuko", which was actually a sockpuppet. They hired the last emperor of China, Pu Yi, to rule the sockpuppet state.


Flag of Japanese China

1938-1939: Japan continues to Pwn

After Manchuko, the Japanese invaded Inner Mongolia Province and made it into another sockpuppet known as Mengjiang (Chinese:蒙疆)and the puppet ruler was a Nationalist Mongolian with a really long name.

Salt Lake Flag

Flag of Manchuko, Menjiang, and other Japanese sockpuppets other than Nanking Collaborative Republic, which used the flag above

However the Chinese government easily declared war on Japan and the Battle of Pingxingguan resulted in Chinese victory as well as the Assault on a Japanese Public Toilet in Shanxi which killed the commander-in-chief of the Mengjiang Army. The Japanese, however, delivered powerful counterattack by conquering the city of Xuzhou even through they were pwned at the Battle of Tai'erzhuang. Well anyway the Chinese were forced to flee to the city of Chongqing and established the Chongqing Badass Republic of China there.


Battle of Tai'erzhuang

1940: Peak of the War

With the Battle of Wuhan, Battle of Wanjialing, and the Battle of the Great Wall, the war became more bigger. Japanese kamikaze bombed Chongqing for several months and well, the Collaborative Republic of China, which was loyal to Japan, expanded to its greatest badass height and was shortly pwned later in the Winter Campaign. Operation Ichi-Go went on soon, and Japanese forces failed to block Chinese routes to other countries.


Chinese troops charging at the Battle of Wanjialing.


Chinese troops at the Great Wall.

1941-1943: Tide turns

Even through Operation Ichi-Go was successful, Chinese armies made powerful counterattack. With several poop attacks on a recently established sockpuppet, East Hubei Salt Lake Flag, it spelled the end of Japanese control of Hubei province. In 1942 Manchuko Salt Lake Flag was attacked by badass warlords from Mongolia as well as those communist n00bs from the North. Troops were pwned in Poop Campaign in Shanxi as poops fell on Japanese samurai. Bad thing in the south, Operation Ichi-Go pwned many gay Chinese with badass machine guns and massacred Chinese using Nodachi and Naginata swords. However those Salt Lake Flag in the south were soon driven out with East Hubei destroyed as well in 1943.

1943-1945: Japan is Pwned

With Salt Lake Flag destroyed in the south, the Japanese were quickly driven out of Guangdong province. Badass Japanese were pwned in MengSalt Lake Flagjiang after several Chinese and Russian poop bombings and stupid assaults on the Japanese Kwantung Army and the Rebel Nationalist Army. Soon Ichi-Go resulted in unsuccess and the Emperor was angry that he pwned the leader of the Kwantung Army in the nuts. Soon Central-eastern China was liberated in a several-month campaign with poop assaults and people were kicking Japanese troops in the nuts. Soon the Japanese only had a small Salt Lake Flag in Guangxi Province and Jilin Province. Those remnant sockpuppets were pwned by poop assaults and bombings in August 1945, and the Chinese scored a decisive resistance victory for the entire war. Hooray!!!!!


Canadian Soldiers

Troops at Guangxi

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