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Republic of China (Including the stupid, crappy and Wikipedianist Beiyang Shit Government as well as Shitty Chongqing Government)
中华民国 (包括愚蠢的北洋政府和重庆无聊政府的大便)


Salt Lake Flag

First Flag

Flag of the Republic of China svg

Second Flag

Motto: "The sun rules China with us n00bs!"
Anthem: Anthem of the Republic of China
Capital Nanking, now Taipei
Largest City Nanking, now Taipei
Official Language Classic Chinese Language
Government Democracy, Military Dictatorship under the Sun
Presidents and Dictators Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, several others
Currency Yuan

The Kuomintang Party of China (sometimes spelled as Guomindang) is a party and organization of Republicans founded by famous Chinese Sun Yat-sen. It set up many areas to party but all were destroyed by the Communist Party of China and is now partying on the island of Taiwan.

edit Founding

The Kuomintang was founded by famous Chinese Sun Yat-sen in 1911 and overthrew the Qing Dynasty, establishing the Republic of China. The foundation was very simple, though.

edit Early Years

However it was not so successful. Warlords from the north conquered much of China. However the Kuomintang was able to regain the lost lands, but then went into war with the Communist Party of China. Well after months of fighting the Japanese invaded, creating disaster.

During the period in which Warlords took control of China, The Kuomintang had a flag with 5 vertical stripes. It meant "Five factions under one government", which was also the motto of the Kuomintang at the time. The badass 5 factions were: The poopers, the Idiots, the N00bs, the Chinese Ninjas, and the Toilet washers.

Chiang kai-shek

Chiang Kai-shek succedded Sun Yat-sen after Sun died of shitpox.

edit Resistance against Japan

When Japan invaded the republic had to unite with the communists and are fighting the enemy using poops and, well, the sun. After 8 years of fighting the Japanese the enemy finally surrendered, allowing both sides to war inside again with poops.


The Kuomintang was distracted by a few rebels who made a alliance with Japan using this flag

edit Destruction and retreating to Taiwan

After the war with Japan the Kuomintang, under Chiang Kai-shek, started to attack the communists, but after several lost battles, Chiang and the republicans had to flee out of their home, Nanking, and go to Taiwan with 400 gallons of poop bombs. They rule the island to this day but are distracted by communist invasions from Mainland China.


Nanking been bombed by communists.

Flag of the Republic of China svg

Flag of later Kuomintang

edit Current Status

The Kuomintang are in peace now since 1950, and are now partying on Taiwan with the city of Taipei as their capital. However they are been devastated by a new party that also wants control of Taiwan, the People's Rebel Poop Party of China.

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