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Fall of Wikia Federation
Date: 2010 November 12
Location: Wikia
Result: Uncyclopedian Victory:

Wikian Fortresses been bombed

SophiVisa Uncyclopedian Socialist Republic and Anti-Wikian rebels, later Wikian Confedracy Imperial-wikipedia2 Wikian Federation, Wikipedian backup forces (SCREW army)
High General Zombiebaron, Colonel Frosty, Anti-Wikia Admin Toacodynova, Anti-Wikia Colonel NagaX President Jimbo Wales, Queen Angela Beesley Starling, Wikia Admin Sansera Nseto, Wikia Admin Nexus Mythrun
Military Strength
280 troops 289 troops
Military Casualties
56 troops pwned 276 troops pwned

The Fall of the Wikian Federation was a battle that ended Wikipedian control of Wikia on 2010 November 12. Uncyclopedian troops almost reached the Wikipedian amount but we only need 9 more users in order to make it a fair battle--however, anyways, we won the entire campaign with a loss of less than 100. Jimbo Wales's account on Wikia was banned later, ending his 7-year democratic dictatorship in the Federation.


Flag of Wikian Federation

edit Planning

The marshal of the Uncyclopedian Foreign Army, Zombiebaron, decided to take control of the largest obstacle that blocks them from attacking Wikipedia--Wikia. So in 2010 November 10 Anti-Wikian commanders met with Uncyclopedian generals to discuss about the invasion. The commanders suggested it should be deadly as the Invasion of Uncyclopedia, which happened in 2001. Zombiebaron agreed, and 2 days later they began their invasion.

edit Invasion

The Uncyclopedians easily took Wikian troops by surprise, and later the Wikian Main Page is took by 50 of our troops. The enemy were quickly pwned and the sub-wikis on Wikia were in stupid chaos. The enemy quickly sent 4 divisions to resist us, but then Adobe Flash bombing quickly messed up enemy articles. However later street fighting began, making losses on both sides.


Uncyclopedian troops (left)kill a Wikian troop (right).

edit Street Fighting

Both sides used articles, talk pages, and templates as places to hide as they shoot enemy from those areas. However several stinky objects fell from the sky and landed on Wikian troops. It was Anti-Wikian forces with helicopters that shoot poop! The Uncyclopedian forces hoorayed and went on vandalizing the pages with grues. After a grue stomped on Memory Alpha articles, the Wikians retreated to military trenches and they were fighting IN THE TRENCHES!

edit The Battle of Memory Alpha

Memory Alpha was filled with trenches as it seemed to be impossible to break. However we also set up trenches and were shooting enemy from there! The enemy were annoyed, and they sent tanks to pwn our troops. However brave Anti-Wikians went out of the trench and threw templates at those giant WikiTanks! The WikiTanks were pwned as they accidentally crashed in to their own trenches! Memory Alpha surrendered as well as Wookiepedia, The Stargate Wiki, and several other wikis.


Some Wikians meets Anti-Wikians on battlefield

edit Assault on Wikiagrad

Wikiagrad, was the largest of the Wikicities and the capital of Wikia. It was NOT easy to besiege the city, but we were 100% brave and had pure beliefs of the city would surrender, as described in several War Strategy Books. On 5:45 PM that day, we immediately attacked the city with horrible charges, killing several enemy. Later badass samurai from the Shogunate Wiki helped us out and followed the most humorus siege strategy in the book Bushido. The enemy were pwned by Naginata bombs and Nodachi Poop bombs and in 6:37 PM they surrendered. Jimbo Wales was banned from Wikia, ending his badass 7 year democratic dictatorship in the Federation. Wikia, well, changed it's official name to "Wikia Confederacy". Everything was fine as Wikians weren't colonists anymore.


Siege of Wikiagrad


New flag of Wikia, with the logo replacing Wikipedian parody flag of Imperial Japan

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