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Siege of Wikipedia:Protection Policies
Date: 2011 May 9
Location: Project page Wikipedia:Protection Policies
Result: Uncyclopedian Victory

Fighting on the article

Wiki Uncyclopedian troops and Anti-Wikipedian rebels WikiSU Imperial Wikipedian troops
Meganew Maximus, Sencond Lt. Shimazu, Colonel Frosty High Gen. Nintendorulez (汉奸,Anti-Uncyclopedia rebel), High Gen. Diannaa
Military Strength
50 troops, 5 admin, 10 rebels, 5 grues 100 troops, 20 admin
Military Casualties
30 pwned, 4 wounded 119 pwned, 1 wounded

The Battle of Wikipedia:Protection Policies was a edit war that occurred on 2011 May 9 between Wikipedian troops under the command of High General Nintendorulez, who rebelled against Uncyclopedia as a traitor (Chinese:汉奸, "Stupid guy who rebels against his own country")and Uncyclopedian troops under Field Marshal Meganew, the leader of the Grue Army. The page that was affected was the Wikipedian Project page "Protection Policies"--which has control of the locks that protect Wikipedia's articles. It ended with a decisive UnVictory!!!!

edit Prelude

Second Lt. Shimazu, Chinese-Uncyclopedian, suggested the invasion of the Wikipedian project page on protecting its articles so that all of Wikipedia would be vulnerable to FM Meganew, and well Meganew accepted. Shimazu also suggested attacking from Wikia-- a very good plan to break Wikipedian defense.

edit 12:27-1:20

On 12:27 AM, the invasion had begun. Everybody went on and vandalized the page but there was one problem--it was Fully Protected, no, Infinity Protected. We captured a WikiAdmin and he helped us breaking the lock. UnSources went on the page and all the WikiAdmin were taken surprised! They were saying "AAAAAA!", "omg n00bs what the hell", and other badass things like that........

However Nintendorulez founded out and so he led a army of 120 users to defend the page. Fighting was so big that reverts were occuring. Well Shimazu led a grue force to backup Meganew later.


UnTroops attacking the article with users driving tanks.

edit 1:20-2:59

The second part was so big that all the people were thrilled. Horrors went on as Shimazu's Grue regiment start to pwn the Wikipedian troops. After a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! explosion occured by a Adobe Flash Bomb destroyed much of the page, it was finally took by Uncyclopedia. Tank battles occured as Wikipedia tried to take back the page, but they were pwned by poop bombs. Hooray!!!!!!

Uncyclopedia declared victory and called for 60 users to guard the newly taken page. The rebels were happy and raised the Uncyclopedian Flag on the top of the page.


Adobe flash bomb exploding.


2 sides reverting, fighting, and screaming on the article

edit Aftermath

Nintendorulez retreated and was rewriting the new project page for the locks. However it was took by poop bombs of rebel armies while under construction and the protection subject was moved to the badass project page "Wikipedia:Vandalism and How To Prevent It".

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