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“Those n00bs are more than a rebel. They are sockpuppets of the enemy!”
~ Oscar Wilde on 汉奸

汉奸 (Translation:Stupid noob who rebels against his own country and joins its enemy) is the term for a badass Chinese who rebels against his own country. However if you ask the Kuomintang or Mao Zedong they will say that it is more than that as those people would join the enemy of the Chinese and will probaly be guides for those Rising sun n00bs who invaded China 2 times. They created a powerful empire that is actually a sockpuppet, the Nanking Collaborative Empire.

783px-Japanese Occupation - Map-1-

Nanking Collaborative Empire


汉奸 been pwned at the Battle of Xuzhou, which was a desicive Chinese victory.

edit Origin

Well the 汉奸 appeared in World War 2 and were considered badass noobs because they dont even know they were Han. The first 汉奸 was probaly a Kuomintang called Wang Jingwei (忘精卫 or 汪精卫) who opposed Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang because Chiang was always pooping on him. Wang founded a group that was bowing to the invading Japanese--The Reorganized Kuomintang that is loyal to Japan and it was made up of 100% 汉奸. That was the origin of the badass people.


probaly, this was Wang's flag for the badass organization

edit Origin Origin

The 汉奸 actually traces back to the Qing Dynasty and was used to describe people who supported the emperors. When the dynasty fell the 汉奸 were raped and were pwned, as Qing people surrendered. Some survivors of the group joined the Nationalist people.

edit Service for the Japanese

Those n00bs made good military service for the Japanese, and they created a army to backup the Japanese Imperial Army--The Chinese Poop-on Kuomintang and loyal to Japan Army. The Japanese appreciated the organization and let them service for the entire Second Sino-Japanese War. Not much history were known about their service, though because nobody liked them and raped all their diaries.

edit Fall

As soon as Wang commited suicide because he didn't want to be raped by Chiang, the organization began to fall into disrray. At the siege of Nanking about 69% of the members were killed by Chiang and Mao. In the siege of Beiping 37% of the wimpy rebels were raped. Well finally in early 1945 all the remaining members were destroyed! China was back into peace until when Chiang declared war on Mao.

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