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“He is a man I greatly admire.”
~ ShiftyNifty on ShiftyNifty
“As World War two approached: Germany invaded Poland; the Soviets said they would not attack the Nazis; America decides they might send over supplies; Britian was setting a installment plan for surrender, also known as appeasement; France was sending their army over to Britain, also known as outright surrender; and in the confusion Spain declared war on itself.”
~ ShiftyNifty on World War Two
“If someone is a schizophrenic can they be their own alibis?”
~ Shiftynifty on Questions that haunt the world
“Our fear that Communism might some day take over most of the world blinds us to the fact that anti-communism already has.”
~ Anonymous on Communism
“ShiftyNifty is Shifty and Nifty.”
~ Captain Obvious on ShiftyNifty
“I have a very active life I like to do things such as: take tests, write essays, watch grass grow, wait for the mail, watch sloths move, wait in line at the DMV, and of course pay taxes.”
~ ShiftyNifty on His exciting life
“Greatness is but the measure of how many ideas one has stolen.”
~ ShiftyNifty on Greatness

edit History

edit Ancient History

ShiftyNifty, born Shiftuary the Nifty of the year 284 B.C. of the common age. He has been around a long time. Living with the wood elves in Middle Earth shiftynifty became a elf lord and learned many magic spells. Using these spells he destroyed the dark lord Sauron also known as Vader.

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