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Shedtroll, AKA The king of Wierd, that weird Scottish kid, and Shedtroll 'GERROAF MYE LAAAND' Nightwish is a uncyclopedia user. Nobody knows why he uses uncyclopedia, but at least it's better than trolling Wikipedia isn't it?


Shedtroll's history is vauge, VERY vauge in fact. But one thing that is known about him is that he origonates from somewhere in the south of Scotland. The first record of a 'troll that lives in your shed' was in the year 6776BC where he is depicted with long hair on the walls of an abandoned Budhist monestry in Afghanistan.

How to get shedtroll

Simple: Just shout 'SHEDTROLL GET YER ARSE OVER HERE' and he will come. Or you can just name the members of the 1976 West Indies Cricket team in reverse order and he may come.

Facts about shedtroll

  • Shedtroll's full name is Sir Shedtrollius David Andrew Gerald Jillian Elliot GERROAF MYE LAAAND Stewart Boadicea Nansse Straighton Nightwish McShee.
  • Nobody really knows what age, sex or race shedtroll is, so everyone just assumes he is a guy.
  • Shedtroll can speak the stig's launguage.
  • Shedtroll knows how to fly using noodles
  • Shedtroll is 'Bush hid the truth' backwards.
  • Shedtroll knows who you are.
  • Shedtroll is not a meme.
  • Shedtroll is geneticly a cross between David Bowie, Boris Johnstone and Danael Radcliffe.

Now lets see if he can write this....WHILST BEING ELECTRICUTED!

Shedtroll first discovered uncyclopedia when JACKASS SHIT he was surfing digg, on discovering that there was a wiki JACKASS SHIT that he can spew his mad mind on, he quickly joined. He first wrote something JACKASS SHIT on monkies (that was deleted) but continued on. He took a break, JACKASS SHIT but now he is back with more madness than before.

One thing shedtroll can do is type on talking JACKASS SHIT utter JACKASS SHIT over and over for hours and hours. It's kinda a talent than shedtroll JACKASS SHIT developed at high school. Quite honestly Shedtroll JACKASS SHIT hated high school, who didn't? So he retreated here to JACKASS SHIT spew his brains like a nutter should. Oh how bored am I! I'm JACKASS SHIT talking about someone in the 3rd person, And that JACKASS SHIT person is me! WTF! I should JACKASS SHIT stop now.

Things shedtroll likes

  • Shovels
  • Badgers
  • Welsh rarebit
  • Those eddible ball bearing things
  • Jelly babies
  • Uncyclopedia
  • Mudkips
  • Two Mudkips
  • Three Mudkips
  • Four....Look, I generally like mudkips
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