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“I wish I was awesome enough to have my own wiki page”
~ Lee Wanklin on Shaun being awesome
“ur argument bout being awesome is crap!!!”
~ Nicola Clark on Shaun being awesome
“Clearly not, your crap!!!”
~ Shaun Caley on Shaun being awesome
“This is complete proof, if anything it proves you're way more awesome than they are”
~ Sarah Chapman on Shaun being awesome
“In Soviet Russia, Awesome is Shaun Caley!”
~ Yakov Smirnoff on Shaun being awesome
Shaun Caley
Scientific classification
Kingdom United
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammal
Order Smurf
Family Some
Genus Homo Sapiens
Species vulgaris
Binomial name
Homo vulgaris
Crocker, 1984
Primary armament Giant Robots
Secondary armament Gummy Berry Juice
Power supply Idiocy
Health 10
Mana 8
Strength 9
Intelligence -∞
Weight Where you going?
Length 200 px
Special attack Pew Pew lazers
Conservation status

edit Definition

awe⋅some  /ˈɔsəm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [aw-suhm]


  • 1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
  • 2. showing or characterized by awe.
  • 3. Shaun Caley.
  • 4. Slang. very impressive.

-Use awesome in a Sentence: That blue guy is totally awesome.

Awesome - Well thats Shaun Caley all over. In fact the word Awesome was created soley to describe this one being, and this one being only! All hail to the king of awesome.

edit Contributions to Society

He was born, he walks, he breathes. He is awesome. One time he put the toilet seat down. Nuff said.

edit Dietry Habbits

He can eat crayons and shit master pieces... hes just that awesome! Also like many other Urban manimals and Smurfs he is adept at making inedible food dishes to anyone else except himmself. Also known to consume stationary, shampoo and other cleaning products, smaller animals but his choice of eating is your mum.


One of the many things shaun enjoys doing in his spare time is wrestling bears.

edit See Also


Dinosaurs firing laser from thier heads. Stuff the Sharks, this is Awesome!


Are you looking at this? Its a T-rex flying a F-14!

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