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"Admiral Ackbar, in his hit new single, 'It's A Trap!'"

“It's A Trap!!!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Ackbar's Advice

This saying has quoted and mocked Admiral Ackbar many times, some rightly, and some that were totally uncalled for.

edit History

Ackbar was first quoted as saying this in 2002, and gained rising popularity through use on Internet message boards.

edit Present Day

The use of "It's A Trap" has strayed from its original purpose of warning humans that a nearby pornographic image is not a chick, and Ackbar can now be seen performing many daring feats, such as warning New Mexican officials about the dangers of Jedi Mind Tricks [1], and warning about the dangers of marriage.

edit Future?

In the future, Ackbar may be seen in such starring roles as "Operator" in "Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time" or "Bones" in "He's Dead, Jim: I told you it was a trap."

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