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This article may be Overly Rebellious. Imperials may not understand humour, only humor. The Wookies and Star Trekkies may not understand anything at all. Don't change a thing to remedy this.

ShadowfaxSTF [sha-doe-facksz]
Kingdom Rohan
Phylum Flute
Class Reptile
Order Carnivora
Family Most High
Genus Evilius
Species Embodidae
Binomial Name Evilus embodidae
Primary Armament Club
Secondary Armament Sith Lightning
Power Plant Roku Worthy
HP: 1500
Mana Points: 1200
Strength: +650
Intelligence: +500
Weight 45 lb
Length 8-10 feet
Special Attack Column of Flame
Conservation Status Endangering

He is inspired by fire and horses.

~ Captain Obvious on ShadowfaxSTF

I bet what happened was, they discovered fire and invented the wheel on the same day. Then, that night, they burned the wheel.... finding it didn't taste good, they want back to horses....

~ ShadowfaxSTF on his Insignia meaning


~ Clubs on baby seals, who challenged an anonymous person's right as King of Horses

Don't snap towels at passing cops.

~ ShadowfaxSTF on his Guide to Life

I love the smell of decaying stormtroopers in the morning.

~ ShadowfaxSTF after slaying the Imperial Army

edit Introduction

I am Shadowfax, Architect of the Projects, including various FirstStrike writings in both the official manual (update: the new manual is here!) and this Wiki.

Complete computer-geek, and proud Oregonian, I have no real goals in my life besides to live. That's not to say I don't care, I just don't think anything deserves a worry; work, education, etc, it always works together in the end, so I just live as things come -- one hill at a time. Uphill, downhill, or down in the valley (which ironically is more peaceful than the heights), I have no control over anything, but it always ends perfect, so why fear or fret?... let's enjoy the ride.

edit History

Once upon a time, there were two bees (aka, Mom and Pop). They... I forget the next part in the story... but I was somehow created, and later the child emerged from his long slumber and came forth from the womb, destined to be the bane of Scout Troopers everywhere. And the assimilator of many a pizza.

edit Characteristics


The creature in it's native smore eating environment.

My main principally major key interests: Computers, gaming, sci-fi, good humour, gaming, some web design, and gaming.

While a radio producer by day, Shadowfax is a FirstStrike player by night. He spends too much time showing his squad where the Probe Droid is, and not enough timing laying MKII/EWEB superblasters for artillery-like bombardment on the enemy. He has a passion for cheese, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Chris Tomlin, and Def Leppard, in no particular order. He also loves addressing himself in the third-person.

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