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Hello, I am Shadow514, and you have just found your self on my user page, you may notice that THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!! Yup, you guessed right you are now slowly becoming part of my army, and therefore part of Uncyclopedia's, as well. So, if you wish to stay alive, you would probably want to make a login, on the other hand, if you already have, great, you are immune to the zombification effects in the technology we are...secretly...using...on.. you...OH, GOD DAMN IT!!! I am so going to lose the game for that...So, bottom line, we are recruiting soldiers of differing categories: Males will either become standard soldiers or grue trainers(pray to god you don't get that), female recruits will become the sneaky catgirls with the help of our transforming technology and god damn it I mentioned our technology again, didn't I? Well, I geuss it doesn't matter at this point. Anyway, those who refuse to join our ranks will become a zombie, very little honor in that role, trust me, you'd rather be a grue trainer. I'm sure you're wondering why we need an army anyway, the answer is simple: The Invasion of Uncyclopedia. since then, we had to be prepared for another attack, as we may not have backup the next time around. So be a hero for once in your pathetic life! Become an Uncyclopedian today!!!

edit Stupid behavior

Vandalism-I'm amazed if anyone who finds you funny knows how to read.

Giving people Computer viruses- Trust me, it's not nearly as satisfying as giving your ex herpes

Looking at me wrong-I will likely hurt you.

edit Some Haiku

Here's some of my work

I still need experience

You see, I am crap

Well, that was haiku.

It still wasn't very good

I'll get back to it.

That was haiku, too!

I guess I am pretty good.

Count my syllables!

Yet another one

Maybe I should try some more

Later though, need rest.

I'm back at it, now

These are better than before.

Wanna read a few?

You just lost the game.

I am on grace period,

so I cannot lose.

one two three four five

one two three four five six sev-

God-damn that seven!

There once was a man

Who grabbed a pen and paper

And wrote some haiku

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