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Happy Monkey Competition Winter 2011

Pee reviews for: Neopowell

Article: The New Microsoft Outlook

Pee Review from Shabidoo

Humo(u)r: 6/10

Its humerous throughout. A few moments made me laugh.Outlook that says change. Google. Old outlook identical to the new one. Bill gates owning countries. Unknown indie band. There were no lol moments, but you didnt lose me either. With polishing and some thought into the timing of the gags the humour can be brought out.

Creativity: 6/10

The creativity is not something that manifests itself in individual moments but in the concept and picking out the photos so I will exand on that in the other sections.

Images: 7/10

I like the photos you chose, and where you put them. Perhaps a photo involving microsoft would make them all a little more relevant together.

Prose, Formatting, Links: 3/5

The tone changes from the first paragraph to the following ones, over all well written, lots of links and separation of ideas.

Concept or whatever you want to put here: 3/5

I see the concept, that you talk about change but it wont happen, you talk about change but shut people up who dont see it, you talk about change but its really just using buzz words and what people want to hear. I like it, its creative but it can be executed a lot better. putting more thought into it (it was only a 24 hour competition) could make this really brilliant. I like how you didnt just go for "microsoft outlook express" angle but instead the overall angle for microsoft.

Final Score: 25/40

Good article for 24 hours of writing. I like the image selection and the concept, with mroe thought and polishing as i said before it could be brilllllllllliant.



Pee Review from: Fudgemobile

Humo(u)r: 8/10

(8/10) Humourourourourus.

Creativity: 9/10

(9/10) Very well done for 24 hours work.

Images: 8/10

(8/10) Images were well made and inserted.

Prose, Formatting, Links: 4/5

(4/5) Links made me laugh and were spread out.

Concept or whatever you want to put here: 4/5

(4/5) Good buyer-seller relationship going on.

Final Score: 33/40

(33/40) Yay.




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