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An image of a lego man holding a free hugs sign.

Chatper 1: The lego sign holder

Melissa, who can speak five languages hung up a FREE HUGS poster in a public square with such big letters they would kill someone if they fell off. She was alone, as always afriad people on the street wouldn't want hugs, people who don't need love, not love from her.

After an hour passed and no one else showed up she took down the sign, her lips quivering and her eyes glazing over. I speak five languages, she thought, why can't I organize a free hugs?

No sooner did she say that did Mickle Cotton Bubble showed up. A giant fire fighter who stood 8 feet tall with a neck thicker than Melissa's waist. He gave Melissa a hug so strong he permanently damaged her ovaries. He asked if there was anything he could do to help because fire-fighters always want to help.

"Well" said Mellisa, "I speak five everything's perfectly organized. Just share your love with people passing by. Men and women need hugs and it's our job to give them the best hugs we can.

Then came Joey the tap dancing magician, currently unemployed, in a tuxedo and his best tap dancing shoes and an extra pair in his brief case. He said hello. "I'm Joey the tap dancing magician" introducing himself to Melissa.

"Hi, so nice to meet you" she said. "I speak five languages".

"Good for you" said Joey as he tap-danced around her and the fire fighter.

Spirit November, a vegan who grew up thinking she had brain damage her whole life...hugged the others and said hi.

Everyone else said "Hi".

"I'm Spirit November".

They said "Hi" again.

When she was sixteen her parents realised that she wasn't brain dead, but simply so eccentric and odd that she only seemed to have cognitive difficulties. "I brought some fermented tofu paste with sesame seed humus...enough for all of you" she beamed. They all dipped their finger into the humus and licked it off savouring the yummy taste of creamy eccentricity and oddness.

The cities workers came to the street to have lunch. Immediately an office zombie came out and Melissa gave him a hug. It was beautiful, he was a business man who looked terrible, tired of spreadsheets stretching out to the end of his life with a coffin at the end, a coffin the size of a single spreadsheet cell...cell A1 to be exact. He took the hug...cried 'thank you' and then walked on. The firefighter complimented Melissa on a great hug and Melissa turned beet red in embarassment and shame.

Joey saw an old lady pass by. An old lady so desperately lonely she had a black hole in the middle of her heart.

"Want to see a magic trick" he said while tap dancing.

The old lady was scared of Joey and walked around him.

"No wait" he said while he opened his jacket and pulled out a kitten. The old lady was so surprised she soiled herself. Joey then proceeded to pull out eleven more kitties. The kittens all started mewing at the old lady and the old lady smiled her first smile in decades. She complimented Joey on the magic trick and he then insisted instructed the kitties to follow her home.

The lady said thank you a million times and walked home, the kitties carrying her groceries and mewing a circus like melody.

It was pretty much like that for the next hour...smiles And hugs and tears and thank yous and another jar of humus.

"I'm so sorry I'm late" said Annabel Rooster-hips. She was supposed to film the free hugs so they could make an inspirational video on youtube with a sound track that would make the viewer smile until their belly button popped.

"No problem" said Melissa...and they went back to hugging. Five boys pased buy and saw the fire fighter with a plastic red hat and feet about as large as their heads. The fire fighter picked up all five boys at once and walked around in a circle. Joey the tap dancer joined in and danced a figure 8 while Spirit waved her arms like the spirit of the forest wind...emitting ying energy to the world...while Rooster hips snacking on some fermented tofu.

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