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Log onto Facebook, check your messages, look at your friends photos and tell everyone how you are doing. You are probably doing fine. So go ahead and say so, update your Facebook and tell everyone that you are fine. Also let them know you just got home and are going to get a snack. Tell everyone that you are going to make a ham sandwhich with the crust cut off. Post a pick on facebook of crustless bread.

Check out some news story. Hey, the Euro is in crisis . You invested in Australian dollars so what happens with the Euro doesn't matter. You don't care. In fact its better for you that Europeans are crashing down one country at a time. Does this make you happy? Do you think it's funny browsing the internet and enjoying the experience. Do you think that's okay when at the very same time the internet is being raped? Yeah...the internet is continuously being gang banged by a bunch of savages who think that personal sexual violation is funny. In fact, these working class pseudo intelectuals think that rape its hilarious and that internet rape is amusing.

edit Making fun of rape on line is like raping the internet

You know that good ole joke, about that fat chick who wears a tight skirt and walks down a dark street like she owns the place and gets accosted by some filthy man prowling the streets and then some drunken red-neck says, pff, she was asking for it. She was begging for it. The moment that piss faced piece of shit sends that in an email he is raping the internet. He is subjecting the world wide web to totally non-consensual sex. He is shafting the internet with his hillbilly pecker and people laugh and think its funny. Well, its one thing to rape a human being, its another thing to rape the internet. Raping the internet is not funny. It is rape, pure and simple and this is nothing to laugh about. Stop laughing because it isn't funny.

edit My game boy was raped

When I was a kid I got one of the first game boys ever. My friends were really jealous. I was pretty good at it. One day my friend said, hey hey hey, what do you think Bowser does with the Princess when he takes her away to the next castle. Wink wink nudge nudge. Those mother fucking so called friends of mine were raping my game boy. Right out in the open and no one was doing anything about it. I was speechless for days. They might as well have rammed their shlongs right into the cartrage slot because they were impregnating my game boy with their rape sperm.

edit My smart phone was violated

I was so happy with my new smart phone, I finally figured out how to use the thing and it was great. I could send my friends messages and attach photos and even use GPS to know exactly where I was. It was amazing until my piece of shit friend sent a black evil message to me with a filthy-ass photo attached with a picture of his cock. RAPE! He raped the entire 3G network that day. That message with the photo was like sending a dose of Rohypnol to my phone. He wanted to drug it up before he could have his way. Not a single phone carrier, not a single node of the network was protected from him sodomizing the worlds telecommunications. And he didn't even say sorry. The piece of shit wouldn't even admit he raped the phone network. Rape is rape. My phone didn't even have a chance to say no...the picture just appeared the instant I hit open. I almost went blind. That piece of shit practically blinded me and raped my phone and the phone network and he keep on denying it. I ended my friendship. Once a predator, always a predator in my mind.

edit Internet serial rape

But I haven't even started yet. You haven't heard about the real dead beats yet. There are some websites that actually dedicate their time to joking about rape. Every single page they have, every article they publish is designed to singularly make fun of rape as though its something funny. As though we are supposed to go, ha ha ha, what a good one, yeah, way to make us laugh at rape. I didn't. When I discovered that website I went totally ballistic. I cried for a couple days. I couldn't go into work. It felt like I myself was raped by their cruel irony and their masochistic word plays. I felt used and abused. But nothing I experienced could compare to what the internet suffers every day, NO, every second. EVERY NANO SECOND. Every fibre-optic cable, every binary digit, every wifi router experiences the deep and scarring rape. Pre-meditated rape. And yet, while I am able to visit my therapist daily, who helps out the internet? Who is there to console it? Everyone just turns a blind eye and pretends its not happening. And meanwhile these perverts and stalkers are getting away with their rape. Those shit head mother fuckers are raping the internet every time they strike a key and every time they laugh at their shit faced jokes. They are all rapists and no one stops them.

edit Join my crusade

Never forget the power of one. Just one person can make all the difference. One act of compassion can bring an end to tyrrany and the rape of the internet. Together we can shut down these parody websites and have them rape no more. The internet is a precious world wide web of life, and beauty. It offers us its essence every day. It nurtures our minds, it lends us its innocence and yet we allow these vultures to rape its orifices non stop. If you don't stop them you are no better than they are. Join me, help me to stop the rape of the internet or consider yourself a rapist just like them. Or help with your donations. For just pennies a day you can sponsor one part of the internet. For the price of a cup of coffee you can make sure that one section of the internet will be protected from their sick rape. Join us, or give us money or be complicit in the total mass rape of the internet.

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