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This is my page, I felt like making one because I'm SUPER AWESOME! No not really I'm pretty crappy.

edit What to write...hmmm

I don't know. Oh I know!

edit Current life

I go to School (God I hate it!) in Ankh-Morpork there you go pedophiles now you can hunt me down. Which will be funny to watch because that place doesn't exist. Unless it does... please don't rape random kids who I don't know because then it'll be my fault for giving their location away. I don't wanna go to prison!

Anyway when I'm not at school I go on uncyclopedia, go on XBOX 360, watch porn , do homework! YES! Thats the one!

edit Past Life

Uhh... I forget

edit Future Life

How should I know?

edit Interests

edit Dislikes

Well that's it for now maybe when I'm feeling more creative...

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