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US flag This user is American
...and unabashedly proud of it!
(List of American Uncyclopedians)
“Made in the U.S. of A!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sgt.Havoc
“In Soviet Russia, U.S. of A is made in Sgt. Havoc!”
~ Russian Reversal on Sgt. Havoc
OT-55 Flamethrower Tank

You don't wanna fuck with this Mac Daddy.

Hello, and welcome to Sgt. Havocopedia! We're under construction right now, so please excuse the stubbiness of this article at the moment. Anyways, let me tell you a little about myself. As you can see, I am a proud, true-blue American; though partof me were designed in Poland, Canada, Norway, & England. I enjoy reading, playing video games, making up Oscar Wilde quotes, Russian Reversal, & a bunch of other things that typical Uncyclopedians enjoy. Also, as my name may suggest, I sometimes like to cause havoc, and have unfortunately been banned a couple of times for it. However, I never intended to cause any real harm, I only fought for what I believed in. Besides, that's perfectly American, ain't it? I also have a flamethrower tank, in case I feel like blowing crap up or burning it to the ground.

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Images made by me

The AAA-Team cast

The cast of The AAA-Team, minus Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor

Arnold kills Hitler

Arnold Schwarzenegger kills Adolf Hitler

Articles that I contributed to in some way, shape, or form

NOTICE: I was not logged in when some of these contributions were made

Upcoming Articles (assuming no one bothers with them at all)

Articles to be re-made under the AARP Program

What is the AARP Program?

The Advanced Article Reconstruction Program, or AARP for short (not to be confused with the American Association of Retired Persons), is a program whose goal is to reconstruct certain articles deemed disfavorable to yours truly. Anyone who attempts to override AARP-sanctioned articles will be forced to pay a fine of $2,500 American Dollars. Repeat offenders will be chucked in jail. Repeat Repeat offenders will be taken to Dock #70 with concrete shoes & chucked in the water. Survivors will be shot.

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