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“This is seriously NOT funny”
~ SeriouslyNotFunny on This page being seriously not FUNNY
“This Jew Killing is seriously NOT funny”
~ Hitler on The jew killing being seriously not FUNNY
“This guy is seriously NOT funny”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hitler

Seriously Not Funny is a sentence used to describe a situation,person or object that is seriously NOT funny.


Britney Spears trying to save her carreer after shaving her head(Seriously Not Funny )

edit Things that are seriously NOT funny


It's not funny


It's seriously not funny to put a dead baby in a frog suit

-Killing jews

-Eric Cartman's sexuality

-Oscar Wilde's sexuality

-Making fun of Borat (He can't help it!)

-Making fun of France(They can't help it!)

-Making fun of Poland(They can't help it!)

-Making fun of America (They can help it,but they're too obese to do it.)


-This page

-Being Obese

-Having sex with Paris Hilton

-The rum being gone



-Starting WWIII


edit Quotes on being seriously (not) funny

“Yes this page is really funny,really funny...”
~ Captain Sarcasm on this page
“Bombing Irak was funny”
~ George Bush on bombing irak
“This SeriouslyNotFunny guy...i like him”
~ Oscar Wilde on SeriouslyNotFunny
“This article does not make me confused,really not at all...”
~ Captain Sarcasm on this page
“I'm funny!I can do this crap too.”
~ Achmed The Dead Terrorist on being funny

edit In conclusion

This page is seriously NOT funny

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