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edit Profile and Miscellaneous Stuff

edit The Profile

Sergeant Cross is a Sergeant of the Hardrock Porn Department, as well as the most experienced pimp who chases illegal porn vendors. After graduating from the most prestigious camp availablehe has a habit of scratching others' crabs with a plankboard and thumbtack and once offered the player a pinstripe to the player's car when he busts your ass wide open. It is also shown throughout the game, that he has developed an obsession to the pussy as he continues to chase the player all the way to Palmon's big ass.

He is responsible for arresting the player after he is defeated by Razor. When the player defeats Razor in the final race of the game, Cross orders every unit to capture the player, but the player eventually manages to escape from Rockport by taking Mia's advice, which will be given to the player about five minutes into the pursuit.

Cross returns in Need for Speed: Carbon as a mounty after he lost his job as a Porn Sergeant due to his failure to stopping your ass from making it clear over the river. He now hunts for illegal porn vendors to get them the justice they deserve. His hidden agenda is never made clear and although he is tipped off by Prius as to your whereabouts, Nikko manages to somehow secretly call him off after making a deal, and you escape from him once more.

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edit Miscellany

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