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~ Fast Talking Japanime princess previously kidnapped by Donkey Kong
“Well honey, not everyone has standards.”
~ My mom when I told her I found a website that would let me UnEducate about random topics
“Don't let the imaginary fire burn my friend!”
~ Funny line said by a guy who was not that funny

edit HEHE I Totally Just Blanked My Own Page

Wait a second, if I am typing then it isn't blank anymore. Oh My GOD, that means I just totally hacked my own profile! HOLY COW, I am a master!(bater) <-- damn hackers.

edit BOO-YA!

See dad?! I TOLD you I could spend all of the college money you gave me on pot, cocaine, and hookers and still come out on top! Look at me now. I have an award dad, AN AWARD! Too bad your not around to see it dad, you should have listened to my threats me and not cut off my funds. Too late now dad, too late.

edit Worthless Crap I Created That Makes This World Better


edit I Would Also Like To Thank All My Fans

(crickets chirping)

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