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A common Reticle, the photographer was killed shortly thereafter.

The Reticle (Targetus Ownus) is a creature seen only in the wild. It is nearly untameable and has a rather bad knack for killing anything it places itself upon. First recorded records of the Reticle come from the early Pre-Historic era in cave etchings. According to personal accounts and artworks recently discovered by scientists, it has terrorized the masses for centuries.

edit Evolution

The Reticle has not evolved significantly since the Stone Age, in it's first conception. It's standard visage is that of 4 lines, pointing into a center point that it uses to attach to it's victims. It has also been seen as a circle, but it has been speculated that neither of these are its true form. No man alive has been able to see what the reticle truly looks like, due to the highly poisonous nematocysts covering its body. It is a very violent creature, and lives only to kill and move on. The reticle does not eat like most sentinent beings, instead feeding on it's victim's soul as it penetrates the body.

edit Rumors

  • You can avoid death from a Reticle by hiding behind cover.
Incorrect, it can attack you from behind, or if it is an AP-Reticle, it will pierce the cover itself.
  • If you stand still, the Reticle will kill you faster.
This is true, the Reticle often charges toward the head to strike on instinct.
  • If you duck, it is possible to avoid death.
This is only partically true, as the reticle can redirect itself usually and kill you.
  • It loves small children.
False, as the Reticle will often attack the young before the old.
  • The Reticle is a duck.
This has not been proven, but could be possible.

Man tries to save his friend, but ultimately fails.

edit What to Do

If you see a Reticle in the wild, you are most likely going to die. It is often suggested that you take cover, but the reticle is smart enough to find it's way around usually. Running has been acknoledged by most as the most effective way to avoid death by the Reticle, as it has a harder time targeting you to leap and strike. Also, the Reticle will instinctively leap towards the head of its victim in order to quicken its kill. Further study has been deemed inhumane by the Government, and thus banned in most major countries. The attacking of a wild Reticle has been deemed suicide, according to a recent United Nations-passed law.

edit Reticles in History

While it is true that the Reticle is impossible to tame, they have been captured before. When Earth attempted to colonize Mars, they released a lone reticle to clear Martian facilities. It did so, but Mars could not be colonized due to the mortality rate. Once, a Reticle managed to escape confinement in a zoo. The states of North Dakota and South Dakota were never the same again.

edit Reticle Favorites

If all else fails, and it most likely will, one can try to find one of these items in the area:

edit See Also

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