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edit Oh, the Epicness!


A typical morning in bed, with the master.

Life has always been a bit bland in the Midwest...until Sean Tilley showed up. A prolific writer(whatever that means), Sean found Uncyclopedia in late 2006, and has been addicted to it since.

edit Life in a Jar

Born in 1990, on an army base in South Korea, Sean was placed into an intensive care unit, due to birth complications. He was raised by his parents, went to the U.S, and grew up a bit. Childhood kind of sucked, but then again, so do many things (especially Democrats!)

edit Articles Sean Has Written

  1. The Black Parade
  2. Jet Pack
  3. How to Read

edit Articles Sean Approves of

  1. In_what_way_is_Snickers_satisfying?
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