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4 February 2008


Esther get's into another crazy caper.

BERLIN, Germany -- German schools will launch a comic book next week that aims to teach above all underprivileged children about the Nazi era and the Holocaust. Created by the Dutch cartoonist and ex-Uncyclopedian Eric Heuvel, it is already available in the Netherlands.

Berlin's Anne Frank Centre, which is backing the project, thinks it will serve a purpose in Germany, too. "There is not a major gap in the way Germany teaches the history of this era which is possibly why Turkish immigrants have been welcomed with open arms by all German people, but this is a new approach," said spokeswoman Melina Feingold, noting that the book could reach some of the children who are least interested in schoolwork much like Uncyclopedia.

UnNews can however exclusively reveal that Eric Heuvel first approached Uncyclopedia with this project several years ago but decided to go elsewhere after a poor Pee Review. Mr Heuval left some distasteful messages and a drawing of a penis on the reviewer's talk page and was subsequently banned indefinitely.

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